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Fellowship in Industry Programs

About Genentech

Genentech LogoGenentech was founded in 1976, with a goal to develop a new generation of therapeutics created  from genetically engineered copies of naturally occurring molecules. Today Genentech continues to use genetic engineering along with other advanced techniques to develop medicines that address major unmet medical needs for patients worldwide.

In March 2009, Genentech became a member of the Roche Group. As part of their merger agreement, Roche and Genentech combined their pharmaceutical operations in the United States. Genentech’s South San Francisco campus now serves as the headquarters for Roche  pharmaceutical operations in the United States.

FIP offers the following opportunities. Learn more.

  • Genentech Fellowship | Clinical Science - Non-Oncology Early Clinical Development
    Duration: 2 years (Recruiting)
  • Genentech Fellowship | Clinical Science - Oncology Early Clinical Development
    Duration: 2 years (Not recruiting)

  • Genentech Fellowship | Clinical Pharmacology
    Duration: 2 years (Recruiting)

About Legacy Heart Care

Legacy Heart Care logoLegacy Heart Care was founded in Fort Worth, Texas and established the first treatment clinic in 2003. From the inception, Legacy functioned as an extension of the cardiologist practice, delivering Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP®) on a referral basis. The decision to operate as an independent provider was key to Legacy’s ability to build scale and thus truly transform the treatment experience. It is this mastery in optimizing the intersection between patient experience and exceptional patient outcomes that has set Legacy apart.

Legacy Heart Care like so many successful start-ups, began in humble fashion within an 11’x13’ room, with one treatment unit and three patients - one of whom was Michael’s grandfather, Irvin. Today, through tremendous dedication to this vision, Legacy has extended its platform to impact the cardiovascular communities in six metropolitan areas - serving more than 20,000 patients and 800 cardiologists. As the nation’s largest provider of EECP® treatment, delivering more than 25,000 patient treatments annually, Legacy has earned the trust of the cardiology communities it serves and has built a reputation for being a dynamic and effective chronic disease management partner. We are humbled by this responsibility and remain keenly focused on our sole purpose - to positively affect each life we touch, every day.

FIP offers the following opportunity. Learn more.

  • Legacy Heart Care | Marketing/Medical Science Liaison
    Duration: 1 year (Recruiting)