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Office of External Relations - Student Marketing and Promotion Services

Dua Her
Director of External Relations & Professional Development
Anne Marie H. Bergthold
Marketing Coordinator
Jen Flora
Donor Relations Coordinator

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss marketing/promotional coordination as well as logo review
and approval needs.
Walk-in office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-2:30 p.m.

How can we help?

Logo Use

Marketing and Promotion/Media

Health Fair/Outreach Event Promotion
We are happy to assist you in promoting your event; however no promotion can begin until our office receives notification of event approval from the Office of Professional Programs. We can assist you in making sure everything is ready, but we cannot make the information public until the event has been approved.

  • Preceptors Announcements/Gifts
    • Bi-weekly eblast to alumni with upcoming events and contact information
    • Gifts with School logo can be "purchased" for use as preceptor gifts with at least 30 days advance notice.
    • Additional instructions can be found here:

    • IPPE funded preceptor gifts
    • Non-IPPE Funded gifts

Special Guests/VIP Visitors
If you are hosting a special guest or VIP on campus, please let the Dean's Office know at least two weeks in advance, or as soon as the visitor is confirmed. This allows to Dean to accommodate a visit with the visitor if appropriate and provides time for any coordination that may be needed. Special guests/VIPs include anyone who is not a faculty member or University employee. You should provide the name, title, date/time/location of event, and purpose of visit (speaker, panelist) to the Dean's Office at

Campus Resources during Commencement
President Eibeck has asked that the University community refrain from scheduling events that are not directly related to Commencement on campus two weeks before Commencement weekend. Events related to Commencement (and approved by the President's Office) take a tremendous toll on campus services and resources. Many students return to campus the week prior to PHS Commencement for meetings and celebratory gatherings. This is not an issue as long as no University services (including Physical Plant, Custodial and Bon Appetite) are needed. Main campus venues are not available for these events and established protocols should be followed for reserving space on the PHS campus.