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Student Success Coaches

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Student Success Coaches
(209) 946-2177
Hand Hall, 1st Floor
Open M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm


Anne Eastlick
Student Success Coach
(209) 946-7702


Jesus Margarito
Student Success Coach
(209) 932-3301

The Student Success Coaches are a department in the Division of Student Life dedicated to assisting students in meeting their academic goals and overcoming educational and personal challenges. As part of the Dean of Students office, Student Success Coaches work closely alongside other campus resources to assist students in getting the help they need. Whether you're looking for academic support such as tutoring or writing assistance, or you need assistance overcoming personal obstacles such as family, financial or medical concerns, the Student Success Coaches can connect you to the appropriate resources and serve as an on-campus advocate for overcoming adversity. 

Mission Statement

In collaboration with our colleagues across campus, Student Success Coaches provide academic and personal support to all Pacific students, enabling them to demonstrate academic excellence and meet their educational goals. 

Our Services 

Case Management: Success Coaches serve as one of the primary resources for managing student issues, providing intervention, and crisis prevention. Success Coaches coordinate with other Pacific departments and facilitate communication between students, faculty, and Dean of Students' staff. Success Coaches do not provide counseling or therapy; rather have the oppertunity to develop close helping relationships with students while coaching students toward appropriate self-care and self-advocacy. For more information, or to schedule a meeting with a Success Coach, please see our Success Coaching page

Referral Services: The University's Referral Services System serves as a "hub" or central point for members of the University community to refer students in need of guidance and support. Upon referral, a staff member reaches out to the student to help them identify and access services needed to obtain their academic and personal goals. For more information on the Referral System, or to refer a student, please visit the Referral Services site

University-Level Academic Support: Student Success Coaches work in conjunction with Faculty and Student Advisors to educate Pacific students on academic policies and procedures. Often the place individuals call when they are not sure where to go, SASS provides guidance and advice on general university policies, and when necessary, refers questions to the appropriate academic unit. Click here to see a list of the most common assistance provided by the SASS staff. 

SERV 012: For students who need additional support, our Academic Skills for Success course, SERV 012, is also an option. SERV 012 is a 1-unit course that meets every week and focuses on a different academic skill each class session. Additionally, each semester a special "late start" section of SERV 012 is offered, providing an option to students who need to withdrawal from another class but still maintain full-time status. SERV 012 students are also introduced to campus resources and services available for Pacific students. For more information on the class and how to register click here.