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Student Success Coaches
(209) 946-2177
Hand Hall, 1st Floor
Open M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm


Anne Eastlick
Student Success Coach
(209) 946-7702


Jesus Margarito
Student Success Coach
(209) 932-3301

Success Coaching

Success Coaching is a service for any Pacific student who want to improve their academic and self-management skills, such as time management, test-taking, and study skills. Student Success Coaches work individually with students to help them assess their strengths and needs, and assist in creating a personalized plan of action. While coaching is often done in a one-on-one environment, Student Academic Support Services also hosts the Pacific Academic Workshop Series (PAWS), which focuses on a different academic skill each month throughout the fall and spring semesters. To make an appointment with a Student Success Coach, please call (209) 946-2177 or email us at

What skills do we coach?

Student Success Coaches can help with any academic skill that a student may be struggling with. Below are the most commonly coached skills at Pacific: 

Test Taking
Study Skills
Time Management
Managing Test-Anxiety
Memorization Strategies
Managing Procrastination
Goal Setting & Motivation
Learning Style Evaluations
Communicating with Professors
Stress Management 

Frequently Asked Questions about Success Coaching 

Who can benefit from meeting with a Student Success Coach?
Anyone! While all students who arrive at Pacific are capable of success, very few arrive knowing how to effectively study in a college environment. If you've ever studied for hours yet not performed well on an exam, felt overwhelmed by all you have to do, or have had trouble taking notes in a particular class, a student success coach can help. 

What is the difference between a Student Success Coach and a Tutor?
While a tutor is a content-expert, a Student Success Coach helps with the broader skills that are relevant to overall academic success. This can include time management, organization, managing test anxiety, staying motivated, and many others. A Student Success Coach may recommend that a student also meets with a tutor if they are struggling with course content. 

How often do I have to meet with my Student Success Coach?
You and your coach will work together to put together a schedule that is mutually beneficial. Some students meet with coaches weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Other students many only need one meeting at the beginning of the semester, or before beginning finals, to help them get organized. 

How do I schedule an appointment with a Student Success Coach?
You can schedule an appointment by calling the Student Academic Support Services office at (209) 946-2177 or emailing one of our Student Success Coaches directly. Click here to view our coaches and their email addresses.

Can faculty and staff refer a student for success coaching?
Yes, any member of the university community can refer a student for success coaching by completing the Pacific referral form, available here

Can graduate or professional students receive success coaching?
Yes, success coaching is available to any Pacific student, regardless of class standing, program, or campus-location. Pacific's Student Success Coaches will work closely alongside graduate or program directors and appropriate faculty to ensure that these students receive all the support they need.