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University Level Academic Support

Student Academic Support Services (otherwise known as SASS) works in conjunction with Faculty and Student Advisors to educated Pacific students on academic guidance and advice on general university policies, and when necessary, refers questions to the appropriate academic unit. Below are the most common areas of support

Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) petitions

SASS staff helps students to understand the ARC petition process, and provide advice and guidance on appropriate reasons to petition. A member of our SASS staff also serves as the Student Life representative on the committee. Students wishing to download the ARC petition document can click here

Full-Semester Withdrawals

Students wishing to withdrawal from the University for a semester or more are required to go through SASS prior to leaving the campus. Staff assists students to understand the academic impact of their withdrawal and connect them with appropriate campus offices to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. Students wishing to learn more about the withdrawal process can click here for more information. 

Academic Support during Personal Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, SASS staff will contact a student's faculty to notify them that the student will be absent from classes. The SASS staff will then work with the student to assist them in their transition back to campus and help the student receive appropriate accommodations for their situation. Students can contact staff via email or by calling 209.946.2177

Class Registration

Although SASS does not provide academic advisement to students, it does assist students who are having trouble adding or dropping classes. Staff members will direct students to appropriate departments to have holds released, explain the process for adding a closed course, and reiterate important dates, and deadlines. For information on adding/dropping courses, students can access their course catalogs by logging onto their insidepacific and for more information on class registration please click here