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Community Involvement Program (CIP)
Phone:209.946.2436 Fax:209.946.2176
McCaffrey Bulding Rm. 108

Mailing Address:
Community Involvement Program
Center for Student Success
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Community Involvement Program (CIP)

What is CIP?

The Community Involvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive need-based scholarship and retention program for first-generation college students from the Stockton community who have demonstrated the potential for sustainable leadership, community awareness, and involvement.  The program serves the educational needs of low-income students by providing access to college along with a wide range of support to the CIP Scholars as they pursue higher education.

It was established in 1969 by a group of students, community members, faculty, and staff who wanted to provide educational opportunities to the local community and diversify the University of the Pacific campus.  More than 1,000 students have graduated from the program since its inception.

CIP's Mission

CIP is a comprehensive, need-based scholarship program for first-generation college students from the Stockton community, promoting the values of equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service as developmental paradigms.

CIP's Vision


CIP's Values

Student Development and Potential- Self- knowledge

Meaning and Purpose - Intersectionality and Inclusion

Responsible Leadership - Collaboration  

Achievement - Personal Empowerment

Diversity and Inclusion -Social justice and Equity

Community Involvement - Citizenship and Service

What are the Benefits of CIP?

In addition to substantial financial support, each cohort of CIP Scholars form a learning community.  The program includes a co-curricular experience with an emphasis on leadership development and community service.  CIP Scholars have access to comprehensive retention services, including tutoring, peer mentoring, as well as academic enrichment.  These students also have opportunities to explore and enhance career success by networking and engaging with CIP alumni.

What contributions are CIP Scholars making?

In addition to outreach which CIP Scholars perform at local schools, each student has their own individual and continuous service projects. Also, CIP cohorts have community service projects they design and lead as a group to "give back" to their local Stockton community. Please see the pictures below to view some recent events that CIP Scholars have coordinated. 


I can't submit my application. What should I do?

The application portal opens November 1st and closes January 15th. If you are unable to submit your application during this time, please email

I am a current student at University of the Pacific, can I apply when the application opens for next year?

CIP is an access program for incoming high school freshman or transfer students from San Joaquin Delta college.  This programt helps close the gap between college aspirations and college enrollment for eligible students. If you are enrolled in classes, at the University essentially you do not need access. 

What is community service?

Community service is helping in your community without receiving monetary compensation.

How many hours of community service do I need?

We are more concerned about the "impact" of your community service rather than the amount of community service.  

What if my letters of recommendation are not in on time?

The process to get into the program is very competitive.  Once the portal is closed on the deadline, we are unable to received letters of recommendation.

How many hours of community service is expected after acceptance to the program?

Hours are not required. However, it is encouraging to create and support programming and events that help enrich the Stockton community.

What does my GPA have to be to be accepted?

Our GPA requirement for the program is at least a 3.0.

How do I know what units will transfer to Pacific?

Before the process of applying, we suggest that you speak with an admissions counselor.  Admission counselors will be happy to look over your transcript to make sure that you meet the requirement for admissions for Pacific and the requirements for our program.

Is the retreat required? How long is the retreat?

The retreat is mandatory; it is the final phase of your scholarship acceptance.  It is a 3-day retreat. Not attending will forfeit your scholarship.

How much will my CIP scholarship be?

This is a needs based scholarship, meaning the scholarship amount varies based on your financial needs.  The needs are determined by the information submitted via your FAFSA application. 

Do I have to have a Pell and Cal grant?

Yes. Pell and Cal grant are required of the program.

Can I live on campus/in dorms? (Room and Board)

We have an application process to live on campus (it is not guaranteed) that will allow you to live on campus.  However, only the housing (room) portion is covered by CIP, food (board) is not covered. 

Once you are in the program, do you have to reapply?

No, once you are in, you are in.

If you have a volunteer opportunity and would like CIP to volunteer, please CLICK HERE to

submit a request.   

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