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Animal Shelter Management Certificate - Online

Course Overview
Society's relationship to pets continues to evolve. The majority of people consider their pets to be beloved family members and expect their local animal shelter to work diligently to save the lives of the dogs and cats that enter the facility. This program will provide the knowledge you need to assume a management or leadership role at an open-admission animal shelter. You'll learn how to maximize a shelter's lifesaving potential through program management, community engagement, and shelter operations while at the same time preparing yourself for an exciting career.

See below for scholarship information.

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Course Outlines

1. Leadership Training

  • Strategic Planning for Impact
  • Analyzing Operations and Decision Making
  • Managing People & Processes to Achieve Results
  • Organizational Responsibilities, Structure, and Board of Directors

Date: 4/29/19 - 6/9/19 
Instructor: Bonney Brown
Course Code: UNSM 005 51 (6 CEUs)

2. Shelter Operations

  • Adoptions
  • Animal Care Fundamentals
  • Enrichment
  • Animal Behavior
  • Customer Service

Date: 6/10/19 - 7/21/19 
Instructor: Denise Stevens
Course Code: UNSM 010 51 (6 CEUs)

3. Community Program Development

  • Community Relations
  • Volunteers
  • Foster Care
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Help Desk
  • Events

Date: 7/22/19 - 9/1/19 
Instructor: Diane Blankenburg
Course Code: UNSM 015 51 (6 CEUs)

4. Animal Health and Clinic Operations

  • Understanding Shelter Medicine
  • Basic Animals Health Considerations and Care
  • Euthanasia Decisions
  • Clinic Operations

Date:  1/14/19 - 2/24/19, 9/2/19 - 10/13/19 
Instructor: Bonney Brown
Course Code: UNSM 020 51 (6 CEUs)

5. Marketing and Development

  • Development Fundamentals
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Adoption Promotion
  • Social Media and Websites
  • Media Relations

Date: 2/25/19 - 4/7/19, 10/14/19 - 11/24/19 
Instructor: Diane Blankenburg    
Course Code: UNSM 025 51 (6 CEUs)

Course Fee: Individual courses (6 CEUs)$299 
Certificate/all courses (30 CEUs): $1,395, if you register for ALL courses up front ($100 discount)

**This certificate program is not eligible for financial aid.**

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Professionals seeking a career change to something more personally fulfilling

  • New shelter directors

  • Shelter directors or managers wishing to dramatically improve their live-release rate

  • People working in the animal welfare field who wish to advance into management roles

  • Board members of animal shelters

  • Activists who wish to see a change in their local community shelter

  • Those wanting to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Maddie's® UOP Animal Shelter Management Program Scholarship Announcement:

Maddie's Fund® is now offering scholarships to attend the Maddie's® UOP Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program!   

Maddie's Fund® is sponsoring full scholarships to the University of the Pacific Online Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program (more info), a program developed and managed by Humane Network. This program provides knowledge you will need to advance your career in animal sheltering or assume a shelter management role with a focus on maximizing the shelter's lifesaving potential through leadership, program management, community engagement, and shelter/clinic operations. The program includes five, six-week courses and awards CEUs both through the Center for Professional and Continuing Education at the University of the Pacific and the Society of Animal Shelter Administrators CAWA program. #ThankstoMaddie  

If you would like more information, please email

Testimonials and Awards:

The Animal Shelter Management Certificate was recognized at the 2017 West Regional UPCEA Conference as one of the 
"Outstanding Non-Credit Programs"

Kyle Harkness with UPCEA CEO Robert Hansen

"This course is absolutely amazing! I wrote my first grant and got approved for a Maddies Fund innovation grant to help our kitten nursery! Thanks to this course."  

- Jennifer Katajamaki

"Completing the Animal Shelter Management program was the first step in advancing my career; it opened up doors and led to opportunities I never would have imagined."  
- Betsy Bode, CAWA

"I've enjoyed the classes and learned so much more than I thought I would. It has opened my eyes to the real issues of animal welfare and has reinforced that I'm headed in the right direction by creating a future career in the field." 
-Cynthia Jaeger

"This course did more than teach me- it shaped me and solidified by desire to work in animal welfare. I will forever value all the knowledge I gained. Since starting the course I landed a job as Adoptions Manager and truly feel like a valuable part of the organization since I have so much information and knowledge to share." 
-Luba Podolsky

"This has been a great experience and I have recommended the program to a number of my shelter co-workers." 
-Ann Thomas

"This entire course has been so mind-expanding for me...I have learned so much and can't believe the difference it has made in my perspectives. . . I now have so many more ideas, tools, and perspectives to offer. It has been and WILL CONTINUE to be life-changing for me. Thank you." 
-Cathie Kissinger

"I sometimes feel like I am on an island all alone; It was good to hear that other shelters struggle with some of the same issues and concerns that mine does."
-Phillip Zimmerman

"Meeting other professionals in the field and learning from their experiences through the WebEx sessions was extremely helpful. All of the instructors were always happy to help with any kind of question. You can tell everyone involved with the program truly wanted it to be a success ."
-Kristen Switzer

The program is invaluable to those who want to move forward in the municipal animal sheltering or non-profit animal welfare worlds.
- Barbara Vass