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COMP - Independent Study

Course Description 
This course is comprised of independent activities that have been designed to teach strategies to teachers that will promote success in their classrooms and schools. Each aspect of the course will highlight areas of concern regarding classroom environment, organization and management. Specific techniques and strategies designed to facilitate a better understanding of the way to structure a classroom to create an environment more conducive to learning will be woven throughout the course. In addition, because this course is based on educational research focusing on classroom management and organization, a special emphasis will be placed on current research on that topic. 

Course Outcomes
The primary goal of this course is to help the participants improve their overall instructional and behavioral management skills through planning, implementing, and maintaining effective classroom practices. An additional goal is improvement of student task engagement and reduction of inappropriate and disruptive behavior through well-planned and appropriate academic tasks and activities. It is expected that by the end of the course, participants will have a more thorough understanding of the current research on classroom organization and management. The ultimate goal is that the teachers will be able to apply this knowledge to the classroom and school setting. 

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No official prerequisites are required.

Course Fee 

The course fee is $255

Course Requirements
Complete all eight or nine assignments together and submit to: Dr. Barbara Mullins, 1463 Cifax Road, Forest, VA 24551. All papers submitted should include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Do not send coursework with registration. It is required that a copy of your assignments be retained until your unofficial transcripts are received. Please send copies (not originals) of assignments to Dr. Mullins' attention, as assignments will not be returned. 
Questions related to the assignments should be directed to Dr. Barbara Mullins at
Course participants must choose one assignment per module. One assignment from each of the eight modules must be submitted.
Each assignment option begins with the number of the module from the manual. For instance, for Module 2, you may choose to complete either Assignment #2 or #3 because those two assignments are the ones offered for Module 2. For Module 4, you may choose between Assignment #4, #5, or #6 because those are the ones offered for Module 4. 
Please be aware that not all modules have more than one assignment from which to choose. For instance, Module 1 only has one assignment option, so that would mean that Assignment #1 is the required assignment for Module 1.

Course Materials
Evertson, C. M. (2015). Creating Conditions for Learning: A Comprehensive Program for Creating an Effective Learning Environment (9th edition). (COMP, Department of Teaching and Learning, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University). 
This manual comes in two formats - elementary & secondary grade levels. Please confirm with Barbara Mullins which manual would be best for you before ordering.
This can be ordered through the University Bookstore, please follow instructions below.
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Assignment Breakdown