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    Keith Sanpei

    Keith SanpeiSenior Assistant Director of Admission
    BS Business Administration, University of the Pacific

    What was your favorite class at Pacific?
    Hands down the best class was Food History with Dr. Ken Abala. I never thought about how history was shaped by diet and hunger and I still think about it every time I buy my groceries or go out to eat.  
    What's the best restaurant in Stockton?
    I'm a fan of Garlic Brothers. It has a funky atmosphere, a unique menu, and a stunning view right on the delta.
    What do you look for in an application?
    I personally believe the best applications are honest. I look for students who aren't afraid to be themselves - I know those individuals will fit right into Pacific!

    Geographic Focus:


    • Hawaii

    Program Focus:

    • NCAA Athletes