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Doctor of Pharmacy

For over 60 years, the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has been training pharmacists who are problem-solvers, innovators and leaders. By choosing University of the Pacific’s doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program, you will become part of our legacy of excellence and leadership. The skill set and clinical experience you gain from our program will open doors to the many settings where pharmacists play a key role, from hospitals to pharmaceutical research and development.

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Experiential Learning

Learn by doing. Our innovative PharmD program will prepare you for the range of settings pharmacists play a key role, including community, health systems, population health and public health. By working alongside seasoned professionals, you will get the hands-on experience you need to hone your clinical and patient-care skills. For your clinical experience, choose from 17 different regions across California, from Eureka to San Diego and all in between. Our dedicated faculty will help guide you every step of the way in your clinical rotations.

During your time here, you will be immersed in a wide range of practice settings. As you explore the various practice settings, you will find one that's right for you; whether that is a fast-paced hospital environment, a research-based setting, a setting that utilizes your business acumen or a cutting-edge specialty. Our graduates have gone on to own independent pharmacies, hold leadership positions at the national level and secure academic positions at universities across the country.Start impacting patients' lives now. Through student-led outreach programs, you will interact directly with patients and provide vital health care services to members of our community. Learn more about how Pacific's PharmD program is success-centered and leadership-focused.

Benefits of Applying Early Decision
» Complete one application minimizing cost, time and stress.

» Receive priority admission consideration.

» Increase your likelihood to be interviewed.
» Gain more time preparing for the professional program.

» Applying Early Decision means you are competing with few applicants and increasing your chances for an interview offer.

» Supplemental application fee waived.
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