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Competitive applicants are invited to on-site interviews. Interviews are held starting in late September.

What to Expect

When you arrive on campus, you will check in and receive a schedule. During the orientation, we will go over the interview schedule.

One-on-One Interviews
All candidates will have individual interviews with a faculty member and a current PharmD student. A current student will help guide you to where you need to go.

Student Presentation
A current student will give a presentation introducing you to the organizations, resources and events that are part of the Pacific PharmD experience. Light refreshments will be served.

You will also be given a campus tour by a current PharmD student who will be happy to answer questions about their experience at Pacific.

Never been to the Pacific campus? Download a map

Tips for Being a Competitive Applicant
Carefully read the entire application checklist so you know which documents you need.
Ask for letters of recommendation as early as possible.
Perfect your elevator pitch - speak to as many people as you can about your interest in pharmacy and soon it will become second nature.

Submit a complete and correct application. Read your essay out loud to catch grammar errors.
Apply early to enhance your chances of receiving an interview invitation. There are fewer applications and more interview spaces earlier in the admissions cycle.

Develop your time management skills by scheduling multiple challenging courses for the same semester. If your first few semesters don't show your true potential, make the next few semesters count. A strong upward trend in grades demonstrates perseverance.