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    University of Georgia

    Course Equivalents (Articulation Agreement) to the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences PharmD Program

    University of Georgia 2018-2018

    Math and Science
    Online Science courses are NOT accepted as Prerequisites
    Required Courses University of GA Course Number
    Calculus MATH (2250)
    Physics with Lab PHYS  (1111; Lab 1111L)
    General Chemistry with Lab CHEM (1211, 1212; Labs 1211L, 2212L)
    Organic Chemistry with Lab CHEM (2211, 2212; Labs 2211L, 2212L)
    General Biology with Lab BIOL (1107, 1108; Labs 1107L, 1108L)
    Physiology with Lab {Requirement Pending Review}
    Microbiology MIBO (3500) Lab not required
    Liberal Arts
    28 Semester units of Liberal Arts credit required
    English Composition
    6 Semester units
    ENGL (1101) (1101E) (1101S) (1102) (1102E) (3600W)Two courses required
    Public Speaking COMM (1100) or (2100) Online courses are NOT accepted for this requirement
    Economics ECON (2105)
    Students with a Bachelor's Degree may substitute: ECON (2106)
    Psychology PSYC (1030H) or (3230)
    General Education Categories
    Students who have not completed a US Bachelor's degree must complete one course from each category:
    IC Global Studies (one course) Cultural Anthropology, Eastern Politics, Intercultural Communication, European History, Eastern Religion, Classical Mythology
    IIB Worldviews and Ethics (one course) History of Western Civilization, Intro to Phil, Political Phil, Western Religion, Biomedical Ethics
    IIC Visual and Performing Arts (one course) Intro to Art, Intro to Theater, Music Appreciation, Film History, Photography, History of Theater, Applied Art