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    PharmD Resume Format

    IMPORTANT NOTE: No resume is required at the time you submit your application. The committee will use the information you provide in the PharmCAS application. If you are invited to interview, you will be required to bring two copies of your resume to give to your interviewers. 

    You may use any format for your resume.  The sampe below is to help you begin to formulate the types of activities you want to record. 

    There is no limitation of the number of activities you list. Please be sure to include all post-secondary extracurricular and work experience whether pharmacy related or not.

    PharmD Application Resume Format Example

     If contact information is not available, you should still list your involvement with that activity. Contact information can be the e-mail address or phone number of a person who can verify your involvement.

    (List all institutions attended)    
    Institution Name, Graduation Date
    Degree Received
    Attendance Dates
    (Pharmacy paid work experience and include any non-pharmacy work experience)
    Company Name
    Job Contact Information*
    Your Job Title
    Employment Dates
    (List officer positions held in groups or clubs, team captain positions, work related leadership positions)
    Organization Name
    Contact Information*
    Your Title or Position
    Leadership Dates
    (List groups, clubs, and organizations, athletic teams, etc. you were a member of)
    Activity Name
    Contact Information*
    Your Title or position
    Activity Dates
    (All volunteer positions including pharmacy volunteer)
    Organization Name
    Contact Information*
    Your Title or Position
    Volunteer Dates
    (List other experiences, such as research, that is not listed above. You may list research, publications, conferences you attended or anything that does not fit in the categories above)

    *If available