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    FAFSA Tips for Entering Professional Pharmacy (Pharm D.) Students

    Name & social security number:

    • Enter your name and social security number exactly as it appears on your social security card.

    Grade Level:

    • Select 1st year graduate/professional.

    Degree or certificate:

    • Select Graduate or professional degree.

    At the beginning of the school year, will you be working on a master's or doctoral program?

    • Indicate Yes.

    Student's financial information:

    • All students must fill out this section, even if you don't have any income, savings, or investments and do not file a tax return. If an item does not apply to you enter 0.

    Parent Information:

    • To be considered eligible for the Health Professions Student Loan Program (HPSL), you must complete the parent information on the FAFSA by the priority filing date: February 15th.
    • By regulation, parent information must be considered in evaluating eligibility for HPSL. Providing parent information on your FAFSA will allow us to determine whether a Health Professions Student Loan can be added to your financial aid package. (If you do not qualify for HPSL, we will disregard the parent data and your award will include only the funds you qualify for on the basis of student information, alone.)
    • If eligible for the HPSL loan program, additional documentation will be requested via your Pacific email address. Submission of documentation is necessary to finalize packaging.

    Student household/# in college:

    • If you are single and have no dependents, the number in your household is 01.

    Federal school code & housing plans:

    • University of the Pacific's school code is 001329.
    • Select Off Campus, With Parent, or On Campus.

     Please read and electronically sign the FAFSA to complete the application.