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    PharmD Steps in the Review Process

    Step Action Details
    PharmCAS and Supplemental applications are received File is processed

    Supplemental documents received prior to the PharmCAS application will be filed and combined when the PharmCAS application is received. Student is notified of missing documents only at the time the PharmCASapplication is entered into our computer system. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks processing time. You may also periodically check your status online at:

    Complete Files Pre-requisite checklist and review

    Student is notified if pre-requisites are missing. Student must respond within two weeks (or less depending on timing of review) if a required course has not been planned for. Applications of students not responding are subject to cancellation.

    Once the pre-requisites are verified, an e-mail will be sent listing which currently enrolled or planned courses are being used to fulfill requirements. Do not withdraw from any of the courses listed or you will jeopardize your admission. File then enters the review process.

    Interview Letters Mailed Interview invitations mailed to selected candidates. Students should respond immediately. Applications of students not responding within two weeks are subject to cancellation. Pacific conducts interviews September - March.
    Hold Letters Mailed Letters asking for additional information begin to go out. File is placed on hold with the anticipation of reviewing again after fall grades or other requested information is received. Students should submit any new relevant information which can be taken into consideration when file is reviewed later in the cycle. Some students are placed on hold even if there is no anticipated new information and will be reviewed again in early spring.
    Decision Letters Final decision letters mailed to all students Students may receive an offer of admission, a denial, or hold letter immediately after the interview. Students placed on hold will be re-reviewed in late spring and all decision letters will be mailed before April 1. Students may contact our office in early April for ways to strengthen their application for a future application cycle.