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    PharmD Tuition and Fees

    Professional Pharmacy (PharmD) Estimated Costs of Attendance

    2018-2019 Academic Year

    PharmD Program 1st Year
    (3 semesters)
    2nd Year
    (3 semesters)
    3rd Year
    (2 semesters)
    Tuition $76,443. $76,443. $50,962.
    Cowell Wellness Center $420 $420 $280
    ASUOP Student Fee $200 $200 $140
    Activity and Recreation Fee $120 $120 $80
    Pharmacy Technology Fee $990 $990 $660
    Pharmacy Fee $975 $975 $650
    Tuition and Fees $79,148. $79,148. $52,772.
    *Room & Board (estimate) $16,564 $16,564 $11,042
    Estimated Total Cost per year $95,712. $95,712. $63,814.
    The figures above are for academic year 2018-2019 and are based on full-time enrollment.

    *Room and Board based on residential contract and Copper meal plan for Pharmacy Students. Actual cost will depend upon student's facility, room, and meal plan assignment.

    The Health Center, Student Association, and Student Center fees are not charged during clinical rotations unless the student rooms or boards on campus while on rotations.


    University charges will be billed to your student account by the trimester, and one-third of your financial aid will be deposited in your account each trimester.

    Charges which aren’t covered by financial aid may be paid by the trimester or in four monthly payments per trimester.

    If you live off campus and have money left over in your account after University charges are paid, you will be able to withdraw the excess funds to use for off-campus expenses.

    University of the Pacific reserves the right to change fees, modify its services, or change its program at any time and without prior notice being given.

    Please contact the financial aid office if you have questions or need more information.