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    Articulation Agreements (Course Equivalencies)

    As part of the PharmD application process, Pacific has a list of pre-requisite courses that you must have completed. Pacific has established a list of course equivalencies from over 200 select colleges and universities.

    Use the articulation agreements below to determine if you have met all the requirements.  When you apply, you will be asked to designate your pre-requisite coursesin the PharmCAS application. The articulation agreements below will assist you in determining if a course meets a requirement.

    Institution Course Equivalencies List

    Please note that these courses fulfill pre-requisites of the Doctor of Pharmacy program; however, they may not earn equivalency credit for other majors at Pacific.

    Frequently asked questions regarding pre-requisites:

    Question: May I substitute microeconomics for the macroeconomics requirement?

    Answer: Microeconomics is acceptable IF you complete your Bachelor's Degree prior to entering our program OR if you have completed a course in U.S. History or Introductory Sociology.

    Question: It has been longer than 7 years since I've completed my requirements, do I need to enroll in refresher courses?

    Answer: You must have completed one year of organic chemistry and one year of biology within the last seven years. All other requirements may be considered no matter when they were completed.

    Question: Do you accept AP to fulfill pre-requisites?

    Answer: Yes, we will accept AP scores of 4 and 5 (limits apply) to fulfill the following pre-reqs: Calculus, Physics, English composition, psychology, economics, general education, and liberal arts. Students may use no more than two AP exams to fulfill English, Psychology, Economics, general education or the liberal arts requirement.

    Question: Will you accept interpersonal communication for the public speaking requirement?

    Answer: No, students must complete a course in public speaking. No substitutions are allowed.

    Question:   I did not take one year of biology at my school because I received AP credit, and now I am not allowed to enroll in the biology courses. I have, however, taken upper-division cell biology, genetics, and physiology. Can these courses be used to satisfy the requirement?

    Answer:  Yes, we will consider upper division biology courses with labs to fulfill the general biology requirement.  Some of the courses we consider are:  physiology, anatomy, microbiology, genetics, immunology, bacteriology, molecular biology, and cell biology.

    Question:  I completed pre-requisite courses at an International School.  How will I know what courses are acceptable to fulfill the requirements?

    Answer:  Students using international coursework to fulfill pre-requisites are required to order an International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) from World Education Services.  This ICAP package will include an evaluation and verification of your international transcript(s).  All international transcripts must be evaluated unless you enrolled through a study abroad program through a U.S. institution.   World Education Service is the only evaluation service we accept: .