Academic Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students

Pacific provides institutional aid to include merit scholarships, need-based grants and reduced tuition for our working adult student population, in addition to state and federal monies.

Academic Distinguished Scholarship

$20,000 (annual)
$40,000 (two-year value)
3.55 GPA and above (requirement) 

Academic Excellence Scholarship

$18,000 (annual)
$36,000 (two-year value)
3.20-3.54 GPA (requirement) 

Academic Merit Scholarship

Minimum $16,000 (annual)
$32,000 (two-year value)
3.0-3.19 GPA (requirement) 

Academic Achievement Scholarship

Minimum $14,000 (annual)
$28,000 (two-year value)
2.60-2.99 GPA (requirement) 

Transfer merit scholarships are awarded to academically exceptional transfer students who apply to Pacific. You don't have to file the FAFSA to be considered, and there is no separate application to be completed. Transfer merit scholarships are awarded based upon a comprehensive review of the admission application and can only be used toward the cost of full-time tuition.

For more information regarding academic merit scholarships, please contact a member of our financial aid counseling team at 209.946.2421 or