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Upcoming Transfer Events

Pacific's Transfer Team is always on the road visiting community colleges all over California. Check out their full list of upcoming events:

Dave Hamlett

Maureen Laird

Steven Hamer

Central Valley, California

Delta Community College

Counselor: Dave Hamlett

Thursday, November 29 9am - 4pm
Thursday, December 6 9am - 4pm

Modesto Junior College

Counselor: Steve Hamer

Tuesday, December 4 9am - 4pm

Northern California

American River College

Counselor: Dave Hamlett

Tuesday, November 27 9:30am - 3pm

Folsom Lake College

Counselor: Dave Hamlett

Wednesday, November 28 9:30am - 3pm

East Bay Area

Diablo Valley College

Counselor: Maureen Laird

Tuesday, November 27 10am - 1pm