Dave with his mother

December 6, 1920: David Warren Brubeck is born to Howard "Pete" Brubeck and Elizabeth (Ivey) Brubeck in Concord, California. (Photo: Dave, 12-months old, with his mother)




1933: Dave Brubeck with guitar, Ione, CA1933
Brubeck family moves to a 45,000-acre cattle ranch, Ione, CA. (Photo: Dave playing guitar with some friends, 1933)





1938: Dave Brubeck at family ranch near Ione CA1938
Dave enrolls in the College of the Pacific as a veterinary sciences student; on the advice of the head of zoology, Dr. Arnold, Brubeck soon switches his major to the Conservatory of Music. (Photo: Dave on his family's ranch near Ione, CA, 1938)