1951: Jack Weeks, Dave, Cal Tjader at Zebra Lounge1951
While surfing diving in Hawaii, Dave is seriously injured and damages his spinal cord and several vertebrae in his neck, leaving him with lingering nerve damage in his hands that adjusts his style toward chunky, block-style chords. Upon recovery, Dave unites with Paul Desmond, to form The Dave Brubeck Quartet, along with Bob Bates and Joe Dodge. (Photo: Jack Weeks, Dave and Cal Tjader at the Zebra Lounge, 1951)



March 19, 1952: Third son, Chris Brubeck, born.

November 5, 1953: Only daughter, Catherine Brubeck, born

1940s: Dave's parents Howard "Pete" Brubeck and Elizabeth "Bessie" Brubeck1954
January 1954: Dave's father, Howard "Pete" Brubeck dies. (Photo: Dave's parents, 1940s)






1954: Dave on the cover of TIME1954
Dave's popularity inspires a Time magazine cover story













May 4, 1955: Fourth son, Daniel is born


1954: Dave and Iola Brubeck at home Oakland, CA1956
Dave and family move into new home in Oakland Hills, CA







Concerts Cancelled: Racial Issue 'Kills' Brubeck Jazz Tour of the South1957
During the Quartet's college tours, Brubeck faces pressure to replace bass player Eugene Wright, who is black, when performing at universities in the South. Brubeck refuses, even in the face of lost ticket sales and canceled performances.




















1958: Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright and Joe Marello1958
After performing with a variety of musicians, the "classic" Dave Brubeck Quartet is comprised of Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Eugene "Senator" Wright, and Joe Morello. They would go on to make music - and history - together for the next ten years. (Photo: Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Eugene "Senator" Wright, and Joe Morello, 1958)




1958: Iran Unidentified Publication1958
The Dave Brubeck Quartet travels to Poland, Turkey, India, Ceylon, East and West Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq on the first tour organized by the U.S. State Department to advance the interests of the U.S. through cultural diplomacy. (Photo: Article in an Iran publication, 1958)









1959: Howard Brubeck, Leonard Bernstein and Dave Brubeck in NYC1959
Performed with the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Leonard Bernstein, performing "Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra," composted by brother, Howard Brubeck. (Photo: Howard Brubeck, Leonard Bernstein and Dave in New York City, 1959)




1959: Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright, Joe Morello Time Out Session New York1959
The Brubeck Quartet records Time Out, which includes the best-selling jazz single "Take Five." In 2005, the recording is entered into the Library of Congress and is inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame as one of the most significant albums of our time. (Photo: Time Out recording session, 1959)