Timeout Album Cover1960
Release of "Time Out"









May 9, 1961: Fifth son, Matthew, is born

1961: Dave Brubeck recieves honorary degree from Robert Burns, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA1961
Dave receives Honorary Doctorate from University of the Pacific. (Photo: Dave and President Robert Burns)






1962: The cast of The Real Ambassadors1962
Dave and Iola's groundbreaking musical, The Real Ambassadors, a celebration of human understanding, premieres at the Monterrey Jazz Festival starring Louis Armstrong and Carmen McCrae. (Photo: Members of "The Real Ambassadors" taken at rehearsal at St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco a few days before the performance at Monterey Back row, L-R: Howard Brubeck, Danny Barcelona, Eugene Wright, Joe Morello, Billy Cronk, Dave Lambert, Yolande Bavan, Jon Hendricks and Iola Brubeck Front row, L-R: Trummy Young, Carmen McRae, Louis Armstrong and Dave Brubeck. 1962)



1964: Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond with Ladybird Johnson and President Lyndon Johnson1964
Classic Quartet plays at White House for President Lyndon Johnson when King Hussein of Jordan visited. (Photo: Dave and Paul Desmond with Ladybird Johnson and President Lyndon Johnson, 1964)





Dave Brubeck and mother Elizabeth "Bessie" Brubeck1968
Dave's mother passes away. (Photo: Dave and his mother, Elizabeth "Bessie" Brubeck, 1961)







1968: Dave Brubeck with Jack Six Alan Dawson and Gerry Mulligan in studio for Blues Roots1967
Disbands the Quartet and forms a new Quartet with Jack Six on bass and Alan Dawson on drums, featuring Gerry Mulligan on Baritone.






First Major composition recorded, "The Light in the Wilderness,   An Oratorio For Today" with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Erich Kunzel, Conductor


1971: "Gates of Justice" rehersal National Cathedral1969
Composes the Cantata, "Gates of Justice," a composition that utilizes Hebrew sacred text and speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King to express the spiritual ties that bind different peoples together. (Photo: "Gates of Justice" rehearsal at the National Cathedral, 1971)