The Brubeck Ambassadors, Honorary and Advisory Boards

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The Brubeck Institute is fortunate to be supported in its mission by three distinguished bodies of oversight, governance, and advocacy.

The Brubeck Institute Advisory Board is entrusted with the responsibility of advising and guiding Institute leadership and staff with the development of the Brubeck Institute's mission statement, purpose, goals, policies, programs, and activities.  Its role is critical to the success of every phase of the Institute's operations. Meet the Advisory Board >>

The Honorary Board of the Friends of the Brubeck Institute strives to heighten the awareness of the Brubeck Institute and to advance its mission locally, nationally, and internationally. University of the Pacific is most grateful to the following distinguished individuals for their commitment to the Brubeck Institute. Meet the Honorary Board >>

The Brubeck Ambassadors help to increase awareness of the Brubeck Institute locally and nationally and to assist in the promotion of Brubeck Institute activities and initiatives. Meet the Brubeck Ambassadors >>