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Pacific University Diversity Committees

The University Diversity Committee (UDC) is responsible for assisting in the development of programs, projects and policies which will enhance diversity with emphasis on issues related to, but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and disability at University of the Pacific. The UDC will serve as a centralized group in support of the University's diversity aspiration to "… pursue diversity to transform and enliven our community, curricula, programs and policies" as stated in Pacific Rising: 2008 - 2015 (PR15). This aspiration is further emphasized through the University's intention to "Build upon a culture which values and cultivates diversity and intercultural competence" (PR15: 5.3).

To accomplish this, the UDC operates through the following six (6) subcommittee areas:

  1. Alumni & Community Outreach: The charge of this committee seeks to engage alumni and community partners in Pacific's diversity and inclusion initiatives, and when possible, to involve them directly in the planning and implementation of as well as participation in campus events and activities.
  2. Campus Climate: The charge of this committee seeks to assess the campus environment in terms of its attitudes, perceptions, symbols, institutional practices as they relate to diversity and inclusion, and to report how they impact the University's intention to develop an inclusive culture.
  3. Curriculum Development: The charge of this committee seeks to educate and assist faculty in their efforts to embed diversity and inclusion in the curriculum and co-curriculum.
  4. Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention: The charge of this committee seeks to support the University in its commitment to "recruit, hire, develop and retain the best possible staff and faculty and ensure the welfare of the Pacific community" (PR15 1.5).
  5. Multicultural Programming: The charge of this committee seeks to ensure the offering of a broad base of cultural experiences within the Pacific community. Programs will include, but not be limited to, examining cross cultural communication styles, as well as those that highlight the spectrum of cultural richness at Pacific.
  6. Student Recruitment and Retention: The charge of this committee seeks to examine recruitment and retention practices and how they impact Pacific's aspirations for inclusive excellence.

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