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It is your responsibility to choose the hospital, pharmacy, or lab that is "in-network" for your health plan to reduce costs.  To look for a pharmacy near you, click here.

Stockton: Sacramento: San Francisco:
Target (Map)
4707 Pacific Ave.   
Walgreens (Map)
1401 Broadway
Safeway (Map)
298 King St.
Rite Aid (Map)
6455 Pacific Ave.
Rite Aid (Map)
2101 S St.
Target (Map)
789 Mission St.
Costco (Map)
1616 East Hammer Ln. 
Raley's (Map)
4850 Freeport Blvd.
CVS (Map)
995 Market St.
CVS (Map)
4713 Quail Lakes Dr.  
Safeway (Map)
1814 19th St.
Walgreens (Map)
135 Powell St.
Safeway (Map)
6445 Pacific Ave.  
Walgreens (Map)
2900 Stockton Blvd.
Walgreens (Map)
670 4th St.
S-Mart (Map)
3215 Pacific Ave.  
CVS (Map)
1701 K St.
. CVS (Map)
731 Market St
Walgreens (Map)
29 East March Ln. 
Leader Pharmacies (Map)
5385 Franklin Blvd.