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Telemental Health Services

Pacific CAPS is now offering distance counseling via telephone or face-to-face videoconferencing to currently enrolled Pacific students who meet the eligibility criteria for distance counseling services. This service is available to clients assessed as being appropriate for this form of counseling.

What is Telemental Health?

Telemental health refers to the general term of delivery of psychotherapy through remote technologies.  For Pacific, Telemental Health refers to using the telephone and/or interactive videoconferencing technologies for conducting sessions with current clients who are not able to attend in-person due to the campus closures related to COVID-19.  CAPS will be back on campus in January 2021; until that time, we will continue to utilize Telemental Health Services.

***At this time, Pacific CAPS is not offering telemental health services to students who are out of the state of California. However, all students have access to our crisis telephone therapist at 209.946.2315, extension 3***

  Required Steps

  • If you have not been seen at CAPS before, or if you have not been seen at CAPS in the last six months, please call 209.946.2315 x2 to begin the process of scheduling an appointment.
  • Please check out this document for important information about telemental health services including things to consider and limitations:  Client Guide to Secure Videoconferencing
  • On the day of the appointment, you will need to complete forms for your therapist.  The link to complete these forms will be texted to you the day before your appointment; please do not fill them out until the day of your appointment
    • If you have not received the link by 9:00am on the day of your appointment, please call 209.946.2315 extension 2.
    • Forms must be completed on the DAY OF your appointment.  Anything filled out prior to the day of your appointment will not be viewed and will be deleted.  You will be required to complete them again on the day of your appointment. 
  • CAPS Therapists will be using the TAO  platform to conduct secure videoconferencing sessions.
    • Clinicians will sign up their identified clients for TAO in order to conduct these sessions.
    • More information about TAO and secure videoconferencing can be found here:  Client Guide to Secure Videoconferencing
  • For CAPS Psychiatry appointments, please verify that your email is correct and that you have given CAPS permission to email by calling 209.946.2315 x2 during business hours. Dr. Fernandez will email a link for your videoconference appointment directly to the email on file on the day of your  appointment.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at 209.946.2315 x2.

Protecting Your Privacy in Telemental Health:

Our RIO Workshops are now online!