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About Us

18-19- CCI pose

Program Objective

1. To create, encourage, and facilitate a variety of volunteer opportunities for students throughout our Stockton community so that students develop a lifetime ethic of service. This objective is accomplished through the development of a spectrum of service opportunities such as single events, projects and ongoing opportunities.   

2. To engage with our local community to support their educational enrichment needs so that students see the responsibility and value of educational opportunities for all. This objective is accomplished through ongoing dialogue with community partners and by providing individual tutor mentoring services, Pacific students as tutors to various afterschool and community programs, and age-appropriate Saturday enrichment programming. 

3. To develop the leadership identity and potential of Pacific students on the CCI Leadership Team. This objective is accomplished through the utilization of a developmental leadership model which focuses on discrete learning outcome competencies connected to the university-wide learning outcomes and participation in additional intentional learning opportunities  

The Center for Community Involvement will provide and model an inclusive community where students from diverse cultures and contexts can find acceptance and support as they develop leadership capacities and come to a greater sense of identity in relation to community.Through hands-on learning, students wills erve to empower one another and work toward a more socially just community. The CCI will enrich the campus and community by offering engagement opportunities such as service, outreach programs and educational activities.

The Center for Community Involvement facilitates student-centered learning by promoting a connection between Pacific students and our Stockton community. This intersection of responsible leadership and community engagement offers programs and services that spark education, action and service.

The purpose of the Center for Community Involvement is to inspire, support and prepare students to successfully address their concerns through service to the community and the society in which they live.

The Center for Community Involvement is the former Anderson Y Center which has been an important part of the University of the Pacific for over a hundred years. Thousands of students, staff and board members have influenced countless lives within San Joaquin County through various clubs and organizations the AYC has sponsored. Most importantly, the AYC has always been a place where everyone belongs. In 2004, the Anderson Y programs formally joined the University of the Pacific under the Division of Student Life.