Page updated Oct. 16, 2023

All Pacific NON-health Majors and employees are not required to have COVID-19 vaccinations.

Enrolled health sciences professionals are required to have the updated Covid-19 vaccine per CDC recommendations below:


Upload Vaccination Status

If you have received your COVID-19 vaccine and/or booster somewhere other than Pacific, please follow these instructions to upload proof.

If you have been fully vaccinated at one of Pacific’s COVID-19 vaccine clinics, we already have recorded this information in the university’s secure medical records system. You do not need to do anything at this time.

Student vaccination records are confidential and protected under FERPA.

Employee vaccination records are confidential and protected under the CMIA.


COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption

The School of Health Sciences ONLY accepts exemptions from immunization when contraindicated for medical reasons. Exemption requests require a completed declination form including signed documentation from a licensed medical care provider. If you do have a medical exemption, please complete and submit a declination form (pdf).

Please send the completed medical declination form for review to

Please note that declination is not confirmed as accepted until you receive verbal or email notice of acceptance.