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Student Health Insurance Plan Information


Questions regarding your Anthem Blue Cross PPO Student Health Insurance Plan? 

Please visit the UOP Gallagher Student Health website

or call our Customer Service Team at 833.233.0764.


How are waiver eligible students enrolled in SHIP?

Each term that waiver eligible students are enrolled in classes at Pacific, their student account is automatically charged the fee for SHIP and they will be enrolled automatically*. The fee will appear on your e-bill statement as a separate charge. If you're already covered by a U.S. based health insurance plan that meet the Health Insurance Waiver criteria, you must apply for a Health Insurance Waiver. A new waiver must be submitted for each academic year in the Fall. 

What are my benefits under SHIP?

SHIP benefits and information can be downloaded here:

2018-19 Summary of Benefits Dental Students
2018-19 Summary of Benefits all other students
2018-19 University of the Pacific Benefit Brochure

The brochure includes important information, such as referral requirements, hospital and surgical pre-certification requirements and excluded services. 

How much does SHIP cost?

Academic Year 2019-2020

Undergraduate: $2,520 Annnual, $1,260 per semester
Graduate/Professional/Law: $3,342 Annual, $1,671 per semester
Dental: $3,342 Annual, $835.50 per quarter 

Academic Year 2018-2019

Undergraduate: $2,452 Annual, $1,226 per semester
Graduate/Professional/Law: $3,184 Annual, $1,592 per semester
Dental: $3,184 Annual, $796.00 per quarter

The fee is charged to your student billing account along with the other mandatory registration fees each term. 

When does SHIP coverage begin and end?  Please note: The term dates are not adjustable.

Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional and Law Students:

  Fall              August 1st - January 31st 
  Spring                 February 1st - July 31st 

Dental and Physician Assistant Students

   Summer/Fall     July 1st - December 31st 
  Winter/Spring   January 1st - June 30th