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Insurance Office
Cowell Wellness Center
Charity Torres
Student Insurance Coordinator
3601 Pacific Ave
Pacific Health Services
Stockton, CA 95211

Insurance Waivers

How do I waive out of SHIP?

  • Each Academic Year in the Fall, eligible students are required to provide proof of a U.S. based health insurance plan through our waiver process located in our medical portal or they will be automatically enrolled in our Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).
  • The waiver application is available online through the medical portal during the waiver period only and is required to be submitted EVERY FALL.
  • All online waivers must be received prior to the waiver deadline date. No exceptions will be made.

Please note: It is the policy of University of the Pacific that all Undergraduate, Graduate & Professional degree seeking students at all campuses enrolled in 9 or more units, Law School students on the Sacramento campus enrolled in 6 or more units, all degree seeking Dental students on the San Francisco campus, and all students on an F1 Visa have health insurance. Students who do not complete the Online Waiver Form by the deadline will remain enrolled in, and billed for, the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Fall WAIVER Period Spring WAIVER Period
June 1st - First Day of Fall Term Decemebr 1st - First Day of Spring Term

Sep by Step Waiver Instructions 

  1. Log into the medical portal
  2. Choose the Insurance Waiver option on the left.
  3. Answer the questions and upload a copy of your insurance card.
  4. Your insurance waiver will be audited and we have the right to reverse an approved waiver if we find there is incorrect information on the application.

In order to qualify and waive out of SHIP your health insurance plan must include all of the following Benefits/Services

  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for medical evacuation of $50,000 and repartriation of remains of $25,000 ( international students)
  • Unlimited lifetime maximum coverage 
  • Pre-Existing conditions must be covered with no waiting period
  • Health Insurance must provide coverage for primary care, preventative care, specialty care, inpatient/outpatient hospitalization, including mental health services, within 100 miles of your campus
  • Deductible no greater than $2,500 for an individual or $5,000 for a family unless proof of a Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) or other account designed specifically to cover deductible expenses can be furnished. 
  • Health Insurance plans must be underwritten by a U.S. based insurance company
  • Health Insurance plans must provide coverage for lab work, diagnostic x-rays, emergency room treatment, and prescription coverage. 
  • Coverage must be effective prior to the waiver deadline and remain active through the last day of the term. 


The following types of insurance plans are not acceptable and will NOT be considered 
  • Short Term Medical Plans that are available to purchase on a weekly basis 
  • Socialized medicine policies
  • International Insurance Plans that are underwritten in a Country outside of the United States
  • California Medi-Cal Health Plans that do NOT have assigned benefit coverage in the County of your desingated campus (San Joaquin Stockton Campus; Sacramento County - Sacramento Campus; San Francisco County - San Francisco Campus 
  • Out of State Medicaid Insurance does not cover students in California