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    PharmD Educational Background

    The Educational background chart is an important part of your admissions file and should be an accurate reflection of your academic background and any gaps in enrollment.  Please account for each school attended beginning with high school. A "Sample Chart" in PDF format is provided below to give you an example of how the chart should be completed.  If you were out of school during an academic year, please list the activity you were involved in.  Examples of GAPS in enrollment can include the following types of activities: employment, illness, family responsibilities, etc.  If you were employed, please be sure to list name of employer and location.

    It is required that you list ALL colleges, universities, and institutions attended, foreign or domestic, whether the coursework fulfills prepharmacy requirements or not. You must list all schools attended beginning with high school and including the following:

    • U.S. Accredited Universities and Colleges (Official transcripts must be sent to PharmCAS)
    • U.S. Unaccredited Universities and Colleges (Official transcripts must be sent to Pacific)
    • U.S. Vocational, Technical, or Trade Schools (Official transcripts must be sent to Pacific)
    • International Institutions  (Official transcripts and ECE evaluations must be sent to Pacific)

    Please note failure to disclose a school you have attended is cause for closing out file, revoking admission, and/or dismissal from the university. PharmCAS only collects transcripts from U.S. accredited institutions.  All other official transcripts from schools attended must be sent directly to Pacific.

    *Transcripts from high school are not required!

    Please upload your form to the Supplemental Documentation section in your PharmCAS application.

    University of the Pacific
    Office of Admission, Pharmacy Processing
    3601 Pacific Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95211

    The Educational Background Chart can be submitted as part of your online supplemental application, however if you need to submit any additional information or changes/updates, you can download a copy of this form below and mail it directly to Pacific using the address above.

    Please note that you are required to list schools even if they are unaccredited, technical, or vocational in nature. All transcripts from these types of institutions must be sent directly to Pacific. (PharmCAS only collects transcripts from U.S. accredited institutions.)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do I have to send official high school transcripts?

    No, we do not require your high school transcript. Pacific does reserve the right to ask for it if we would like to review for any reason; but we will contact you if it is needed.

    2. What if I do not list all schools that I attended?

    This is a serious violation of the Honor Code and is cause for closing out a file and/or revoking admission. You must list every school attended.

    3. I attended an institution outside of the U.S. and it is not possible for me to obtain transcripts. Are these absolutely required?

    Yes, we require official transcripts and evaluations, which often takes months to obtain.  We encourage you to begin the process now of requesting them to be sent. A WES evaluation with verified transcript OR a WES evaluation and official transcripts are required.

    4. I attended a vocational school that does not issue transcripts. What should I do?

    You should have the school send Pacific an official letter verifying that there is no transcript available to send. The letter should verify dates of attendance.