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    By helping to ensure more local children are strong readers by the end of third grade, University of the Pacific is working to improve the wellbeing of San Joaquin County and its residents. more

    Update from President Eibeck on the status of the University's Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) to fund projects and initiatives that will help us accomplish the goals and priorities of Pacific 2020. more

    Student Health 101 is a FREE online magazine covering a variety of college issues including stress, sleep, nutrition, alcohol, unhealthy sexual practices, colds, flu, and more. more

    Students of environmental science learn how the physical and biological processes that shape the natural world interact. They also look at how we affect nature and come up with solutions to environmental problems. Environmental science requires a creative and passionate approach, one that integrates essential knowledge and skills from physics, chemistry, and biology. more

    Geologists investigate Earth's mysteries while promoting a clean environment, reducing the impact of natural disasters, and providing resources for modern life. Geologists travel widely and enjoy working outdoors. Geologists in urban and rural environments studying earthquakes, landslides, and floods. Some geologists search for energy and mineral resources. Geologists teach in grade schools, community colleges, and universities. Other geologists pursue rewarding careers in business, law, and domestic/foreign policy. Research geologists work to further develop our understandings of the dynamic planet around us. more