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    Undergraduates in the Department of Geological & Environmental Science at the University of the Pacific are strongly encouraged to engaged in a student-centered research project, especially for those intending to go to graduate school. Our faculty have a long and successful history of vigorously supporting eager, self-motivated undergraduates in mentored, self-directed field- and laboratory-based research opportunities. more

    Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the National Honor Society for the Earth Sciences. The Eta Upsilon Chapter was established at the University of the Pacific by the students and faculty of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences in 2008. Membership in SGE recognizes scholarship and professionalism in the Earth Sciences. Its objectives are the scholastic, scientific, and professional advancement of its members and the extension of relations of friendship and assistance among colleges and universities which are devoted to the advancement of the Earth Sciences. Any person who has completed at least 10 units in Earth Science courses and has maintained a minimum GPA (3.0 in GEOS courses and 2.7 overall) is qualified for membership. Membership in SGE tells a prospective employer or a colleague that your peers recognize your academic excellence and that you are professionally motivated. more

    General University facts and figures, including enrollments, student demographics, tuition and other information more