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Human Resources

Human Resources is here to serve our community of educators in Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco. Our role is to identify and support the employment-related needs of our faculty and staff, job seekers and especially our students. Please contact us any time.

What's New for You

Human Resources is responsible to change W-2 addresses.  Your written request is necessary to do this.  When needed please complete the Change of Employee Data form and deliver to Human Resources or email human_resources@PACIFIC.EDU (11/18/2016)

Human Resources is aware of the importance of accurate and timely processing of personnel and salary record changes.     Currently Human Resources and Payroll are working together and reviewing processes with the goal of creating greater efficiencies within our two units and across campus.  

Effective immediately Human Resources will process EPAFs according to date received.  If the EPAF is received after payroll begins processing, the EPAF will be applied and paid on the following payroll.  We thank you for your sensitivity to our deadlines and your cooperation.  (11/17/2016)

Pacific values its employees and loves to see them grow within the University.  This document includes tips and suggestions for both applying for jobs internally and for managers looking to hire an existing University employee. (10/20/2016)

Just published the updated Staff Hiring Procedure guide. Click Here to review this new and useful guide. (10/19/2016)

Delta Health Systems Newsletter (10/11/2016)

2017 Open Enrollment Guide (10/11/2016)

Reclassification Explained (10/03/2016)

Have benefits questions? Get answers! Interested to know what the changes are for 2017?  Get informed! Join us for one of the Open Enrollment Info Sessions.  Click here to Register (09/22/2016)

Sexual harassment prevention training for all staff and faculty. Click Here for information on the online and live theater options for sexual harassment prevention training.  Deadline is December 31To access Pacific's Sexual Harassment Prevention webpage, please Click Here. (09/07/2016)

2017 Holiday Schedule released. (08/24/2016)

The 2017 holiday calendar is posted on our website.  We have included answers to some frequently asked questions. (08/24/2016)