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Institutional Mission and Priorities

Mission Statement

University of the Pacific's mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

Institutional Priorities 2014-2015

In consultation with the University community, University leadership periodically identifies goals embedded within our strategic plan, Pacific 2020, as "Institutional Priorities" for the coming 18-24 months. The to-do list that follows is ambitious, but so is the goal - to become California's leading teaching-focused university, offering high-quality, relevant programs in each of our three cities.

Thank you for your commitment to Pacific's students and the University.
See the President's full memo for a complete description of the 2014-15 Institutional Priorities, their development, supporting initiatives, and the status of last year's priorities.

1. Improve student success

Every student at University of the Pacific should feel welcomed and supported. They should graduate from their alma mater armed with a superior education, a sense of direction, and strong mentors and networks that will help them formulate and achieve goals. To achieve this goal, we must increase the diversity of our student body and improve student graduation rates, which are below our peer institutions. Collaboration among our dedicated faculty and staff across the University can provide students with the support and guidance they need so that every student can benefit from the extraordinary educational experiences Pacific offers, and graduate ready for a lifetime of achievement.

Click here for specific student success initiatives.

2. Develop a three-city university

The development of University of the Pacific into a three-city institution represents an expansion in the students we serve, our mission, and our culture. As we move forward, we must do so in an inclusive manner that promotes and supports our urban campuses while continuing the time-honored excellence of our liberal arts and professional programs in Stockton. We will pursue strategies that leverage the unique nature of each city, while also creating synergies between the campuses.

Click here for specific three-city university initiatives.

3. Build reputation through academics

Providing an excellent educational experience and strong outcomes for our graduates is the key to institutional sustainability now and in the future. This imperative includes improving existing academic programs while at the same time developing a reputation for excellence in signature programs.

Click here for specific initiatives to build reputation through academics.

4. Support faculty and staff development and engagement

University of the Pacific, like other institutions of higher education, is entering a new era of heightened expectations and necessary change. The University has a responsibility to support and help develop staff and faculty as changes occur, and to ensure that every employee is treated with dignity and respect. In the next 18-24 months, key initiatives will help us better understand how we can better support our people and begin to reach our goal of being a workplace that honors, challenges and cultivates its employees around a shared educational mission.

Click here for specific faculty and staff development and engagement initiatives.

5. Launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign

Building on last year's priority to advance through philanthropy, this year Pacific will launch the "quiet phase" of its comprehensive fundraising campaign. The Powell Fund Match program developed over the past year will be essential to the comprehensive campaign's success. Through the campaign we will create a foundation for long-term philanthropic involvement engaging more alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends as active supporters.

Click here for specific comprehensive fundraising campaign initiatives.

While these five priorities capture the most essential strategic efforts of the University driven by Pacific 2020, there will be considerable work behind the scenes to build Pacific's capacity in order to successfully execute these initiatives.  This includes enhancing technology capabilities, enhancing financial reporting and preparation for a new budget model, and enhancing marketing capabilities.

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