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Institutional Mission and Priorities

Mission Statement

University of the Pacific's mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

Institutional Priorities FY14-FY15

University of the Pacific is poised to enhance the excellence of the education we provide, and thrive in a rapidly changing higher education environment, by building on our strengths.  Our students benefit from strong liberal arts programs and high quality professional programs located in three important cities in Northern California.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to student learning as well as the development of the whole student through quality teaching and personal relationships.  We also have a strong reputation in health programs.  Regardless of their area of study or location, we want every Pacific graduate to be extraordinarily prepared for meaningful lives and successful careers. 

Pacific is ready to become a leading University in the state of California - and the first choice for talented students interested in a teaching-focused institution - by ensuring that the programs we offer, from academics to student services, are truly superior in the value they bring to our students. We will also extend our superior education to reach new students by leveraging our locations in three cities.

Our strategic plan, Pacific 2020, identifies the following four strategies:

·      Build the strength, relevance, and reputation of Pacific's academic programs

·      Pursue new student markets that capitalize on the strengths of Pacific's academic programs and multiple locations

·      Prepare students for tomorrow's careers and for lifelong success

·      Develop organizational capacities that support Pacific's vision

Pacific will prioritize the following four goals and initiatives for the next 18-24 months:

1. Focus and align our programs.  A strong university is one that provides an excellent education and services for its students while also being a wise steward of students' tuition.  Pacific's top priority this year is to review its academic programs to ensure they are of high quality and high impact, and review student services and administrative activities to be sure they are efficient and effective.  This is the first and necessary step toward enhancing excellence in what we do. It is also necessary for discerning how we can be more cost effective. We will be making hard choices to focus on efforts that best serve our students, are aligned with our strategic future, and are the wisest use of resources.  We will be a better University offering an even finer education as a result of these reviews.

2. Launch new academic programs.  Develop new academic programs that will build our reputation and attract new students, especially those seeking professional advancement, due to their relevance and quality. Preference will be given to programs that expand our health-related offerings and leverage our campuses in the three cities.  While exploring new programs, we will improve our IT capabilities so that faculty and staff can embrace new technologies for enhanced student learning and student services for students on a campus or off.  We will also enhance our marketing effectiveness to build Pacific's reputation in these markets.  Specific academic initiatives being explored in the next 18 months include:

·      Graduate School of Business & Policy in Sacramento (proposal in progress)

·      Audiology degree program in San Francisco (proposal in progress)

·      School of Health (feasibility study to launch this fall) 

3. Improve student success.  All of us share a deep and unwavering commitment to our students. We must significantly improve their success, as defined both by their academic success to graduation and their outcomes upon graduation. We will emphasize development of new strategies to improve graduation success rates.  Two promising initiatives are top priorities for the next nine months:

·      "College to Career": Launch an initiative to integrate career planning, faculty mentoring, and academic advising into each student's academic experience from the moment they arrive at Pacific, allowing them to be intentional and effective in charting their outcomes after graduation.

·      Early Alert:  Launch an Early Alert system that allows faculty to easily inform advisors and the Referral Center if freshmen are demonstrating poor academic performance early in the semester. The system will be piloted in Spring 2014 and implemented in Fall 2014.

4.  Advance through philanthropy.  A University's ability to offer superior academics and enhanced student success is heavily impacted by its endowment.  The extraordinary Powell Gift has not only dramatically increased our endowment, but will also build energy and momentum for the upcoming University Campaign.  Pacific will launch a Powell Matching program this fall through which the majority of the Powell Gift will provide matching funds for new student scholarships and academic program endowments.  Advancing through philanthropy will help talented but financially needy students afford a Pacific education. It will also help faculty provide transformative educational opportunities. Pacific is well positioned to launch an impactful University campaign within the next 18 months.

As we move forward over the next two years to identify a Strategic Investment Fund and new budget system that will support these goals, and other goals in Pacific 2020, University of the Pacific will be well on its path to becoming one of the leading teaching-focused universities in California. I look forward to working with our faculty and staff to meet our goals and continue delivering on our promise of a life-changing education.