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Institutional Mission and Priorities

Mission Statement

University of the Pacific's mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities.

Institutional Priorities 2015-2016

We made great strides on the Institutional Priorities from 2014-15. We will continue our momentum on our strategic plan, Pacific 2020, by keeping the same priorities for the next 12 months. Developing Pacific as a multi-campus university will be the top priority, given the critical need for the new programs being launched in San Francisco and Sacramento to succeed.

Thank you for your commitment to Pacific's students and the University.
See the President's full memo for a complete description of the 2015-16 Institutional Priorities, their development, supporting initiatives, and the status of last year's priorities.

1. Develop our multi-campus university

Pacific will be one university in multiple cities. Last year we made tremendous progress toward strengthening our multi-campus presence. We prepared to offer four new degree programs in San Francisco for fall 2015. We supported McGeorge in its progress toward becoming a leader in 21st-century legal education. We developed new programs for the Sacramento campus related to law, policy, health and business for fall 2016 (with one beginning fall '15). And we made headway in providing the technical, marketing and administrative infrastructure needed to deliver these programs effectively.

Our highest priority in 2015-16 is to support our pioneering efforts in San Francisco and Sacramento by continuing to build the infrastructure support for programs in the urban locations. Given the market potential in Sacramento, particular emphasis will be placed on building the reputation and offerings of the Sacramento campus.

Click here for specific multi-campus university initiatives.

2. Improve student success

Progress on student success is not a one- or two-year endeavor, but an ongoing commitment to Pacific's most essential core value: serving our students. In 2014-15, Student Success Committee research provided the institution with valuable information regarding the populations of students who are succeeding and those who are struggling and need assistance. The approval of SIF funding for student success will provide many of the resources that will be required to respond to those needs.

In 2015-16, we will begin to implement the student support initiatives that have been in the planning stages, including an early alert system that provides a safety net for at-risk students.

Click here for specific student success initiatives.

3. Build reputation through academics

In 2014-15, academic offerings were enhanced or created for the Stockton campus as well as Sacramento and San Francisco. An Academic Plan was created that emphasizes innovation in teaching and scholarship related to health, the environment, and championing the liberal arts. This Academic Plan will drive much of the institutional work in 2015-16, including determining new academic programs, supporting excellence in teaching and scholarship/creative works, planning ways to champion the liberal arts, and marketing academics.

Click here for specific initiatives to build reputation through academics.

4. Support faculty and staff development and engagement

Pacific's success comes through the hard work of our excellent faculty and staff. We are dedicated to creating a working and learning environment that attracts and retains these talented and dedicated employees. Toward that end, in 2014-15 we hosted a set of nationally-benchmarked surveys for faculty, staff and students to better understand how we can most effectively support our employees and our students. With regard to the faculty and staff surveys - once analyzed, the results will identify the most important actions we can take to enhance our employees' experience. In addition, we hired our first Ombuds and developed a new Flexible Work Time Policy to implement in 2015-16.

Click here for specific faculty and staff development and engagement initiatives.

5. Embrace our comprehensive fundraising campaign

Our fundraising campaign, officially launched in January 2015 by the Board of Regents, will greatly enhance how we serve our students and communities through excellent academic programs and student services, enhanced scholarships and valuable research. We are currently in the first, "quiet" phase of the campaign.

Click here for specific comprehensive fundraising campaign initiatives.

While these five priorities capture the most essential strategic efforts of the University driven by Pacific 2020, there will be considerable work behind the scenes to build Pacific's capacity in order to successfully execute these initiatives.  We will:

  • Develop technology-enhanced teaching, learning, business, and service capabilities by completing and building on the technology foundation we laid over the last two years;
  • Enhance our financial reporting and preparation for a new budget model; and
  • Consolidate and improve access to University policies.

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