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Pacific Seminar II

Pacific Seminar 2 is composed of different topical seminars that examine in-depth one or more issues of a good society that were introduced in Pacific Seminar 1. These discussion-oriented, writing intensive courses, taught by faculty from a great variety of disciplines, and are specifically designed for the first-year experience. The types of assignments will vary among the seminars, but all sections require class participation, an oral presentation, and informal and formal writing assignments, including a scholarly research project.

Course Objectives:

* Develop critical thinking through writing, reading, and discussion of important social issues

* Develop academic research skills

* Develop social awareness and political engagement

PACS 2 Registration Process

PACS 2 seminars are offered only in the Spring semester.

  1. Review the PACS 2 descriptions below.
  2. Make a list of your preferred PACS 2 courses. While students will understandably choose seminars based on their personal intellectual interests, they are encouraged to pick seminars that are outside of their major or that explore new intellectual issues for them. This is a particularly good time for students to experiment with their education.
  3. During the advising period, discuss with your advisor your preferences and finalize your list.
  4. On your registration date, register for any open PACS 2 course.
  5. If your desired PACS 2 section is closed, faculty will not keep a waiting list, and class limits will be enforced. The only way to get into a closed PACS 2 section is to check regularly on-line to see whether any spot has opened up and register for it.

If you have any questions about this registration process, please contact the Administrative Assistant for General Education at 946-2574.

2016 Pacific Seminar II Titles and Descriptions

pdf Click here for a full description and offered times of our Pacific Seminar II Courses.