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Office of Sponsored Programs
(209) 946-7367
Knoles Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 206
Christine Fluter-Brown
Associate Director of Research & Compliance
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm

Research and Scholarship

Growing Research and Scholarship

Strategic Vision
Pacific 2020 is the Universities vision for excelling in a changing higher education environment. University of the Pacific’s Mission continues to remain relevant, as we achieve the mission we continue to value:
Intellectual Curiosity. We believe that intellectual inquisitiveness is the basis for innovation, creativity and superior learning, teaching and scholarship.

Pacific has committed to research and scholarship in Pacific 2020 through:

  • Strategy 1: Build the strength, releveance and reputation of Pacific's Programs
    • 1.3 Goal: The expectations of Pacific's teach-scholar model are established, understood and practiced.
      • Interdisciplinary scholarship is developed in our learning environment.
    • 1.5 Goal: Serve our communities and visibly engage each city through our education, research and outreach activities.
      • Objective: Research,  service and cultural activities align increasingly with the needs of each region.

This is echoed in Crossing Boundaries for Academic Excellence, Pacific's Academic plan aligning initiatives with Pacific 2020.

  • Goal 3: Pacific will captialize on faculty expertise to strengthen our reputation.
    • B. Support excellence in scholarship and creative work.

Celebrating Research and Scholarship

We celebrate our undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members in a culmination of presenting Research at Research Day combined with Pacific Undergraduate Research Creativity Conference (PURCC), along with additional specialized celebrations of research throughout the university.

Our faculty and staff accomplishments and scholarly activity are posted here.  Books from our Pacific Authors can be found here.

Supporting Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship is supported through multiple offices and support networks within the University. Formally, Internal Funding in support of research and Scholarship are offered to Faculty to apply. As well as the Office of Sponsored Programs provides services to grants, contracts and research compliance.

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