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Susan McCann
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
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Outstanding Students

These Chemistry students not only exhibit academic excellence, but also serve as examples of the mission of College of the Pacific. They have excelled in the classroom and beyond, whether it's through multiple degrees, research, study abroad or service to their communities. They are the epitome of excellence and champions of the liberal arts. Take a glimpse at some of the Chemistry department's outstanding students:

Marcos Beltran-Sanchez

Marcos Beltran-Sanchez

Marcos Beltran-Sanchez is graduating with a BS in Chemistry. He is a recipient of the Gilman Scholarship, which will fund his intensive language study in Tokyo, Japan. Following graduation, Marcos hopes to work in either government or private research doing drug development on neurological diseases and disorders. Learn more about Marcos>>





Alec Follmer

Alec Follmer

Alec Follmer is graduating with a BS in Bio-Chemistry. He is a former president of Alpha Chi Sigma, the national Chemistry society, and has conducted undergraduate research on the gas-phase acidity and basicity of organic molecules. Following graduation, he will attend UC Irvine's doctoral biochemistry program. Learn more about Alec>>





Congratulations to our 2017 Outstanding Students

Each year, the Department of Chemistry recognizes outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence.

This May, we recognized the exceptional work of one student with the 2017 Outstanding Student award:

 Isabella Tran Sabrina Noritake
Spring 2017
Isabella Tran, Chemistry
Sabrina Noritake, Biochemistry


Craig Vierra, professor and chair of the Department of Biology, had his coauthored manuscript, "Dragline Silk:  A Fiber Assembled with Low-Molecular-Weight Cysteine-Rich Proteins" published in the journal Biomacromolecules. Coauthors include Jerry Tsai, assistant professor of Chemistry; Qinliang Zhao, assistant professor of Chemistry; chemistry post-doc Hyun Joo; and students/alumni Thanh Pham '10, '13', Tyler Chuang '12, '14, Albert Lin '12, '14, '17, Liang Zhao '11; Taylor Crawford '12, Caroline Williams '14, and Yang Hsia '08, '11.

Qinliang Zhao, assistant professor of chemistry, had the article "Convenient synthesis of 1,3-dithiolane-2-thiones: cyclic trithiocarbonates as conformational locks" published in the journal Archives of Organic Chemistry. Coauthors were Irina Dotsenko '14; Andreas Franz, professor of chemistry; Patrick Batoon '15; Nataliya Samoshina, adjunct professor of chemistry; and Vyacheslav Samoshin, professor of chemistry.  

Amelia Watson '14, Sven Hackbusch '19, Vyacheslav V. Samoshin and Andreas Franz, Chemistry, presented a poster "New Examples of Amine-Induced Reversal of Diastereoselectivity during Acylation of trans-1,2-Substituted Cyclohexanols" at the 27th National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Lacrosse, Wisc.

Chemistry faculty and students presented research at the 245th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans, La., which was attended by more than 10,000 scientists from the U.S. and abroad.

  • Manali Aggrawal '13 and Liang Xue, Chemistry, presented the poster "Modified adenosines affect the conformation and stability of G-quadruplex DNA".
  • Irina Dotsenko '14 and Vyacheslav V. Samoshin, Chemistry, presented a poster "Convenient synthesis of 1,3-dithiolane-2-thiones." Dotsenko also presented two posters: "Green Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling for the synthesis of chiral biaryls" and "Domino" reactions in the condensation of ortho-lithiated (1S)-N,N-dimethyl-1-phenylethanamine with carbonic acid esters," coauthored with colleagues from Moscow State University, Russia.
  • Ilona Serebnitskaya '13 and Andreas Franz, Chemistry, presented the poster "Long-range NMR 1H,13C-coupling and conformational analysis of polyphenolic glycosides".
  • Qinliang Zhao, Chemistry, presented "Activation of C-F Bonds through Secondary Interaction;" Zhao and Yi-Ju Tsai, Chemistry, presented the poster "Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivities of Magnesium and Zinc Complexes Supported by Formamidinates."

Chemistry graduate and undergraduate students, post doctoral fellows, and faculty presented their research at the 61st American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual conference in Minneapolis, Minn.  

  • Patrick Batoon '15 presented the poster "Proton affinity of short oligopeptides containing lysine and lysine homologs," coauthored by Robert Harper '07 and Jianhua Ren, Chemistry (research advisor). Batoon received funding for the conference from the PCSP College of the Pacific Dean's Travel Award.
  • Sampada Borkar '13 presented the poster "Dissociative Photoionization of Dimethyl Disulfide and dimethyl diselenide using the Imaging PePIcO (iPEPICO): Structure and Energetics," coauthored by Andras Bodi and Balint Sztaray, Chemistry.  
  • Mathew Curtis '07, '12, post doctoral fellow, presented the poster "Determination of the Silylation of Molecules when using TMS Derivatization Agents in the Sample Gap of the DART Ion Source," coauthored by Patrick Batoon '15, Patrick Jones, Emeritus Chemistry, and O. David Sparkman, Chemistry.
  • Bhupinder Padda '13 presented the poster "Gas-Phase Acidity and Proton Affinity of ESI Sensitive Organic Compounds," coauthored by Jianhua Ren, Chemistry (research advisor), and Christine Hughey of James Madison University. Padda received funding for the conference from the Fred & Marguerite Early Undergraduate Research Award, the Pacific Fund undergraduate travel award, and the COP undergraduate travel fund.
  • Jianhua Ren, Chemistry, co-organized a workshop on Current Topics in Metal Ion Chemistry.
  • Ashish Sawhney '12 presented the poster "Understanding the effect of chirality on gas-phase acidity of oligopeptides," coauthored by Jianhua Ren, Chemistry (research advisor).
  • O. David Sparkman, Chemistry and director of the Pacific Mass Spectrometry Facility, presented the poster "Identification of Errors in EI Mass Spectral Databases and Their Potential Impact on the Identification of Unknowns Using Mass Spectrometry," coauthored with Ryan Moffett, Chemistry, Mathew Curtis '07, '12, and Patrick Batoon '15. 
  • "Dihydro Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Ionic Dissociation Mechanisms and Energetics", coauthored by Paul Michael Mayer; Brandi West; Valerie Blanchet; Christine Joblin; Andras Bodi; Balint Sztaray  

Jianhua Ren, Chemistry, along with students Ashish Sawhney '12, Yuan Tian '12, Bhupinder Padda '12, and Patrick Batoon '15, had their video article "Determination of the Gas Phase Acidities of Oligopeptides" published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments.