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Degree Program

Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Arts

Majors Offered
History with Departmental Honors
Social Sciences
Social Sciences with Departmental Honors

Minors Offered
Public History and Museum Studies

Recommended Progression of Study
First-year students begin with the Chair's seminar and two foundation courses in sequence and proceed to take one course from each of the listed regional and temporal categories. Students must take HIST 70, Historical Imagination, during their sophomore year or as soon as possible after transferring into the program and take HIST 160, Pacific History Seminar, the capstone class, as seniors. Students may take independent study courses or special topics courses at any time. 

Teaching Credential Track
Teaching credential candidates wishing to teach history at the secondary level may complete a History major or a Social Science major. They will concurrently complete the Single Subject Credential Program in the Benerd School of Education. For credential requirements, please consult with the School of Education credential program.