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Bachelor of Arts in History

(Content below is from the 2010-2011 General Catalog.)

Bachelor of Arts – Major in History

In order to earn the bachelor of arts degree with a major in history, students must complete a minimum of 124 units with a cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.0.

I. General Education Requirements
Minimum 42 units and 12 courses, including:

PACS001 Pacific Seminar 1: What is a Good Society?


PACS002 Pacific Seminar 2: Topical Seminar


PACS003 Pacific Seminar 3: The Ethics of Family, Work, and Citizenship



Note: 1) Pacific Seminars cannot be taken for Pass/No Credit. 2) Transfer students with 28 or more transfer units complete 2 additional General Education elective courses from below in place of taking PACS 001 and 002 but must take PACS 003 when they are seniors.


One course from each subdivision below:

Social and Behavioral Sciences
IA. Individual and Interpersonal Behavior
IB. U.S. Studies
IC. Global Studies

Arts and Humanities
IIA. Language and Literature
IIB. Worldviews and Ethics
IIC. Visual and Performing Arts

Natural Sciences and Mathematics
IIIA. Natural Sciences
IIIB. Mathematics and Formal Logic
IIIC. Science, Technology, and Society
or a second Natural Science

Note: 1) A complete list of the courses that satisfy the subdivisions above can be found in the front General Education section of this catalog and the online course search. 2) No more than 8 units from a single discipline may be applied to meet the requirements of the general education program.

II. Diversity Requirement
Complete one diversity course


Note: 1) A complete list of the courses that satisfy the requirement above can be found in the front Diversity Requirement section of this catalog and the online course search. 2) Transfer students with 28 units or more transfer units prior to fall 2011 are encouraged but not required to complete a designated course prior to graduation. 3) Courses may be used also to meet general education and/or major/minor requirements.


III. College of the Pacific BA Requirement
One year of college instruction or equivalent training in a language other than English.

Note: 1) Transfer students with sophomore standing are exempt from this requirement.

IV. Fundamental Skills
Demonstrate competence in:

Quantitative analysis

Note: 1) A detailed description of how you can satisfy the fundamental skills above can be found in the front General Education section of this catalog.

V. Breadth Requirement
Complete 64 units outside the primary discipline of the first major, regardless of the department who offers the course(s) in that discipline (Including general education courses, transfer courses, CPCE/EXTN units, internships, etc.).

VI. Major Requirements
Minimum 45 units and 12 courses, including:

Two foundation courses in sequence chosen from one of the following groups:


a. HIST 010 Western Civilization I
    HIST 011 Western Civilization II
b. HIST 020 United States History I
    HIST 021 United States History II
c. HIST 030 East Asian Civilization I
    HIST 031 East Asian Civilization II
d. HIST 040 Colonialism in Latin America
    HIST 041 The Problem With Latin America
e. HIST 050 World History I
    HIST 051 World History II


Note: 1) Majors are required to complete the foundation requirement, in sequence, in their freshman year or within a year of transfer or declaration of major if comparable courses have not been taken at another institution

One of the following global and transnational courses:


HIST 060 A History of Medicine
HIST 061 Global History of Food
HIST 062 History of Warfare
HIST 065 Women and War
HIST 139 Borderlands
One of the following Environment and Science courses:
HIST 052 John Muir’s World: Origins of the Conservation Movement
HIST 063 History of Science and Technology
HIST 136 American Environmental History
HIST 167 Gender in History of Science/Medicine/Technology
One of the following pre-modern Europe or classics courses:


HIST 100 Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 101 Tudor and Stuart England
HIST 102 The Spanish Empire
HIST 105 History of Ancient Greece
HIST 106 History of Ancient Rome
One of the following 20th century Europe courses:


HIST 111 Europe in Turmoil 1900-1945
HIST 112 History of the Holocaust
HIST 113 Europe Since 1945
HIST 114 Modern Germany
HIST 119 History Goes to Hollywood
One of the following Early North America courses:


HIST 120 Native American History
HIST 121 Colonial America
HIST 122 Revolution and the New Nation
HIST 123 Civil War Era
HIST 124 History of the American West
One of the following United States courses:


HIST 130 History of California
HIST 132 American Immigration
HIST 133 Women in United States History
HIST 134 African-American History
HIST 135 Women in Time and Place
HIST 137 "His-panic" USA
One of the following Asia courses:


HIST 140 Southeast Asia and the West
HIST 141 Pre-Modern China to 1840
HIST 142 Modern Chinese History
HIST 143 Modernization of Japan
One of the following Latin America courses:


HIST 040 Colonialism in Latin America
HIST 041 The Problem with Latin America
HIST 150 Women in Latin America
HIST 151 People's History of Mexico
When freshmen, it is recommended that students take:
HIST 001 Chair's Seminar
When sophomores, students must take:


HIST 070 Historical Imagination
When seniors, students must take:


HIST 160 Pacific History Seminar (Capstone)


Note: 1) Special Topic and Independent Study courses may satisfy category requirements with departmental approval.