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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Majors Offered

  • Mathematics (BA, BS)
  • Applied Mathematics (BS
  • Applied Mathematics with a Concentration in Actuarial Science (BS

Minors Offered

Degree Descriptions

A variety of degree options are available through the Mathematics Department to meet a range of career and academic goals. The department also provides courses offering opportunities for students from other disciplines and professional programs to develop the quantitative skills necessary for success in their chosen field.

Bachelor of Science: Mathematics

Students preparing for careers in mathematics, mathematics teaching, or for graduate study in mathematics should elect the Bachelor of Science degree.

Bachelor of Science: Applied Mathematics

Students interested in applied areas or majoring in a discipline that uses mathematics should elect the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics.

Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics

This major is a good choice for students who want to graduate early, earn a teaching credential in foundational-level mathematics, or need to take a significant amount of coursework for another interest (e.g. a second major or preparation for law or medical school).


Minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics are available to students who wish to add this component to their college experience.

Students who choose to double major or minor in mathematics or who choose to study mathematics as part of their liberal arts education will learn the major methods, applicability, and spirit of the mathematical sciences.