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Modern Languages and Literature
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Irene Santos
Administrative Assistant
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French Programs

The curriculum in French includes beginning video-based language classes, intermediate courses focusing on culture and language, advanced language and composition courses, surveys of literature and civilization, theme-based advanced courses covering French and Francophone literature and cinema, and other more specialized courses, such as the French of Business and Economics. All courses are in French unless otherwise specified.

The B.A. in French has two tracks, 1) the Language and Literature track which requires completion of six French courses above the intermediate level, providing background in French civilization, French and Francophone literature and/or film; and 2) the French Studies track which requires five French courses beyond the intermediate level plus three approved related courses in complementary fields.

Major Requirements (Language and Literature track)
Major Requirements (French Studies track)
Minor Requirement

Major Requirements for French Language and Literature Track Units

One course in Advanced Language such as:

110-Grammaire, Composition et Discussion (4) or
107-French of Business & Economics (4)

Plus five additional advanced courses, to include one course A and one course B of the following series as well as the Capstone course:

116-Littérature Française A (4) 
112-Civilisation Française A (4)
118-Littérature Française B (4) 
114-Civilisation Française B (4)

And/or however many of the following to bring number to five:

120-Le Cinéma Français/French Cinema 
4122-La Francophonie (4)
124-lndividu et Société (4)
126-Penseurs et Philosophes (4)
128-lmages et Voix de Femmes (4)

MLL Required Course:

LANG 195 Capstone Seminar (2)

Major Total 26

Approved equivalents of major requirements are acceptable, but at least three advanced courses must be completed in the French section of the Department of Modern Language and Literature, Demonstrated oral proficiency at the ACTFL advanced level is expected at the time of graduation.

Major Requirements 7-12
Graduation Total** 26

*See Degree Requirements paragraph.
**Presumes an average of four units per course plus two capstone units.

Major Requirements for French Studies Track

Requirements for the French Studies track are five courses in French beyond FREN 25-lntermediate French, fourth semester, plus the two-unit capstone. Students may take French 51 or French 120 in English when offered to count for one of the five. Assignments may be completed in French as an option, or at the discretion of the instructor. Two to three of the advanced courses may be completed in a study abroad program. Three related courses in other departments are an additional requirement.

Among the options for related courses are:

ARTH 112-19th Century European Art
ARTH 114-20th Century European Art and Film
GEOG 116-Western Europe
GEOG 118 Canada: Land, Resources, and People
HIST 104-Medieval History
HIST IIO-The European Age
HIST 114-Europe in Turmoil
HIST 115-Europe since 1945
HIST 138-French and Russian Revolutions
HIST 178-History of Modern Ideas Since 1750
HIST 180-European Socialist Tradition
POLS 141-Comparative Politics of Western Europe
POLS 168-Comparative Foreign Policy
ECON 121-International Trade (prerequisites: ECON 53, 55)

Other courses may be negotiable with the French Studies faculty adviser and be pre-approved for credit in the major. At least one semester of study abroad in a French-speaking country and in a program in the target language is strongly urged. A student may not major in both French and French Studies.

French Minor

Five courses (20 units), in French beginning first semester, first-year. At least two of the five required courses must be at the advanced level. A minimum of 12 of the 20 units and at least one advanced course must be completed in the Modern Language and Literature Department.