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Political Science
212 Wendell Phillips Center
Sharon Donahue
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha - The National Political Science Honor Society

Pi Sigma Alpha logoChartered at Pacific in 2006 as Alpha Delta Zeta , External website Pi Sigma Alpha is the only national honors society for political science and government students at Pacific.

It was founded in 1920 and has a long legacy of scholarship and value within the discipline.

The ability to list Pi Sigma Alpha membership on your résumé should be considered an honor and a reflection of your hard work at Pacific.

Future universities and employers tend to look favorably upon such membership.

External website Opportunities available to members


Junior or higher student standing. 3.4 GPA or higher. Must have taken min. 1- 100 level political science course.


Pi Sigma Alpha Inductees, SP 10

Christina Michelle Espinosa
Keith W. Smith
Yong Kyun Kim
Julia Sweeney
Caroline Taylor
Cassie Winkel
Lauren Suedkamp
Jazmin Webb
Chelsea Kelleher
Jeffrey Becker

Pi Sigma Alpha Members, SP 09

Andrew Bryan Basham
Janine Maier
R. Joel Strauss
Rocio A. Gutierrez
Catherine A. Cloud
Nicholas Pierce Tyson
Samantha Wildman
Jessica Chittaphong
Kira Waxer
Christopher Charles Sieglock

Pi Sigma Alpha Members, SP 08

Shaun M. Callahan
Kristen Robertson
Janine Victoria Johnstone
Jesse Ryan Hammond
Hillary Musick King
Colin P. Kuehl
William W. Castillo
Salwa Khader Haddad
Anh Quynh Hua
Bonnie Lucero

Pi Sigma Alpha Members, SP 07

Meagan Renee Hamby
Meghan Marika Mullen
Alexandra Berkowitz
Hans Christian Delos Reyes Carnice
Elisabeth D. Hammer
Rebecca Mason
Sherrae L. Andrews
Leah N. Cuthbert


Pi Sigma Alpha Charter Members, SP 06

Robert Benedetti
Gene Bigler
Robert Carroll
Heath Chim
Sean Colletta
Amanda Estevez
Michael Hatch
Brian E. Klunk
Frederick P. Krueger
Caitlin Odorfer
Cynthia Ostberg
Susan Sample
Dari E. Sylvester