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Please see the Financial Assistance page for exciting news about tuition remission and graduate student stipends.

The Psychology department offers a program of graduate study leading to the M.A. degree in Psychology. We offer two tracks:

  1. Applied Behavior Analysis (BACB® approved course sequence and practica)

Students who choose this track are interested in sitting for the BACB® certification exam and practicing as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the master's level.

  1. Doctoral Preparation for Behavior Analysis or Behavioral Clinical/Counseling Psychology,

Students who choose this track are interested in significantly improving their chances of being accepted into doctoral program in behavior analysis or behavioral clinical or counseling psychology. 

With either track, students can expect:

  • Extensive experience with behavioral assessment techniques.
  • Wide variety of applied experiences in a number of different settings.
  • Intensive involvement in designing, conducting and evaluating research.
  • Coursework in theoretical and research foundations of behavior analysis and behavioral psychology.
  • Commitment to the development of student potential by active, supportive and involved faculty.

Preparation for Career and Doctoral Program Success

Our Masters program prepares students for:

  • Positions that provide services to mentally and/or developmentally disabled populations.
  • Positions in business settings.
  • Positions in health care delivery systems involving the application of psychological knowledge to the treatment of physical diseases.
  • Doctoral work in psychology for students who wish to study beyond the master's degree.

Visiting Scholars Program

Application Information