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Pam Sanocki
Psychology Department Secretary
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Learning Outcomes



Students should be able to:

Knowledge Base of Psychology

Use concepts, language, and major theories of the discipline to account for psychological phenomena

Research Methods in Psychology

Identify and describe major methodologies in psychology and read and critically evaluate published research

Analyze and interpret data

Conduct independent research projects, including data collection and statistical analysis

Critical Thinking Skills in Psychology

Evaluate the quality of information and use empirical evidence to craft arguments

Distinguish between scientific and pseudoscientific claims and use skepticism when considering the causes of behavior

Application of Psychology

Articulate ethical issues pertaining to human subjects research and design and defend an ethical study

Communication Skills

Effectively communicate ideas via oral presentations and discussion facilitation

Write clearly, persuasively, and in accordance with APA style

Sociocultural and International Awareness

Articulate how environment, power, privilege, and diversity shape human behavior and purpose strategies for reducing prejudice and oppression