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Student Achievements

We believe the close faculty-student interaction enabled by our small but diverse population fosters intellectual growth among our students. Professors in the College of the Pacific often champion their students' interests, encouraging students to tackle independent projects or apply for scholarships and fellowships, and they offer support and guidance along the way.

We are proud of our students' many accomplishments, and make sure to celebrate them at Pacific. Visit often for updates regarding the work of our outstanding students.

Highlights from the Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 was an extraordinary group of graduates. Take a look at some of the successes and achievements.

"Go Forth with Joy": The Class of 2014 Makes its Mark
A collection of some of the extraordinary achievements of the Class of 2014, including a list of Outstanding Seniors by department, College of the Pacific awardees, and University-wide recognitions earned by College students.

Meet the Class of 2014: Graduate Profiles
AmeriCorps, Fulbright scholarships, graduate school and PhD programs - graduates from the College of the Pacific were off to extraordinary futures. Check out this round up of University graduate profiles, including several students from the College.

Outstanding Seniors of 2014

Each department chooses an outstanding graduate every year who exemplifies academic excellence and dedication to their chosen field. Congratulations to the Outstanding Seniors of 2014.

Biological Sciences
            Kamille Mercado
            Lydia Schramm
            Sara Anne Wong

            Alec Follmer

            Amelia Watson

            Chad Reed

Earth and Environmental Sciences
            Brittany Klemm

Environmental Studies
            Jordyn Fenner

            Nathan Chau

            Lauren McDermott

Ethnic Studies
            Danielle Procope

Film Studies
            Melyssa Astorga

Gender Studies
            Kelsey Belomy

Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences
            Helen Yan

            John Langdon

John Muir Center
           John P. Imfield

            William Trok

Mathematics, Applied
            Austin Tuttle

Modern Languages and Literature
            Emma Schyberg
            Francisco Gonzales
            Brett Chance

            Austin Tuttle

Physics Engineering
            Michael Ledesma

Political Science
            Kyle Sasai

            Katelyn Uhlhorn

Religious and Classical Studies
            Mary Jo O'Connor

School of International Studies
            Shannon Chapman

Social Studies
            Mario Petri

            Alicia Calhoun - Social Service
            Jessica Perez - Education

Theatre Arts
            Joy Desiree Clark

Visual Arts
            Dana Shiroma - Graphic Design
            Morgan Andre - Studio Art