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Forming A New Club Sport

Step 1: Submit a written proposal to the Competive Sports Graduate Assistant.  The proposal must include the following:

  • The average number of students/members that will be participating on a weekly basis
  • Facility space needed to host events, practices, & competitions
  • Statement regarding the recreational or competitive nature of the club
  • Statement explaining whether your club would have a national governing body or be affiliated with any organized league
  • Financial Report outlining estimated startup costs, operating expenses, and ideas for generating revenue

Step 2:  If the proposal is accepted, a meeting will be set up with the prospective club's student leaders, the Sport Club Adminstration, and the Competitive Sports Graduate Assistant. 

Step Three: The Sport Club Adminstration will vote on whether to grant the proposed sport club a 1-year of probationary status

Step Four: During the probationary period, the club must:

  • Maintain a minimum of 5 active participants
  • Follow all policies and procedures set forth by the Sports Club Operations Manual
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility- Raise the funds to cover the expenses that the club will incur over the probationary period
  • Display quality administrative prowess- Elect officers and schedule weekly meetings/practices.  The following paperwork must be submitted: ASUOP Registration, Club Charter, Waivers, Rosters, Schedules, CPR Certifications, travel itineraries, and competition reports as needed.

Step Five:  Upon completion of the probationary period, a meeting will be set up with the club's officers, the Exec Board, and the sport club coordinator to discuss the performance of the club.  A decision will be made to activate or terminate the club for the following year.  

Step Six:  If the club is activated for the following year, it will be eligible to receive student fee funding for that academic year.

For questions, please contact the Competitive Sports & Outdoor Adventures Graduate Assistant, Dustin Rich 209.946.7607.

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