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Sexual Assault and Title IX Resources and Support

If you have experienced sexual assault/harassment, we encourage you to
get help.

Report assaults against members of our community - how to report.

Survivors of sexual assault are not alone - find care and support.

Pacific community members shall be able to pursue their interests in a safe and respectful environment free from any form of sexual misconduct. The University will not tolerate such acts against its members, will evaluate known incidents of alleged sexual misconduct, and, when appropriate, apply student conduct action. Violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy are forms of sexual harassment, which constitute prohibited sex-based discrimination, under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and other public laws and their associated regulations. University of the Pacific addresses Sexual Misconduct Policy violations as forms of prohibited gender-based discrimination not only as violations of the Student Code of Conduct, but also as a gender-based discrimination grievance through the Student Conduct Review process.

Get Help

If you experience harassment/sexual assault, consider these immediate steps. More >>

How to Report

Report sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. More >>

Resources for Care and Support

Resources for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence and stalking. More >>

Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Prevention education regarding sexual misconduct and alcohol awareness. More >>

Title IX

Information and resources for Title IX at University of the Pacific. More >>

Supporting a Friend/Student

Tips on supporting victims of sexual harassment/assault, relationship violence, or stalking. More >>

Victim's Advocacy Program

Provides information, advocacy and support to students and employees who may be victims of crime, violence or abuse. More >>

Policies and Procedures

Learn about Pacific's student and employee policies on sexual misconduct. More >>

What is Sexual Assault and Harassment

Learn more about terms related to sexual assault and harassment. More >>