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If you experience harassment/sexual assault, consider these immediate steps.

Immediate Action

The student is encouraged to discuss the harassment and/or assault confidentially with a trusted friend, family member, Victim Advocate or a therapist from Counseling and Psychological Services.  

Victims' Advocacy Program  

The Victims' Advocacy Program provides free and confidential information, advocacy and support to students and employees who may be victims of crime, violence or abuse. The Victim Advocate is a trained professional available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss an incident of harassment/sexual assault in a private setting, to help a victim decide which reporting options are best, and to make referrals to the appropriate support services.  

Office location Public Safety - Lower Level Cowell Wellness Center 
Email mpearson1@pacific.edu
Office phone 209.946.2428
24/7 phone 209.403.0250


NOTE: This program is independent of the police. Police reports are encouraged; however, reports are not required for information and referral assistance.  

Counseling and Psychological Services & On-Going Care  

Victims of harassment/sexual assault may experience many physical, cognitive, and emotional reactions as a result of the victimization. The time of onset and the duration of these symptoms will vary by individual. You do not have to go through the healing process alone. Counseling and Psychological Services provides counseling and some medical treatment to students who may have been a victim of sexual misconduct or any other crime.  

Medical Attention

The victim should seek immediate medical attention at San Joaquin County General Hospital within 72 hours of the harassment/assault. The medical exam includes checking for injuries, screening for sexually transmitted infections, gathering evidence, providing medications with follow-up care, and preserving a legal chain of command of the evidence. Evidence collected during the exam will be preserved in the event the victim decides at a later point to press charges. Filing a police report at the hospital will ensure the student is not charged for any treatment. The student may ask for an advocate (both are confidential) from either the University's Victim Advocate or the Women's Center of San Joaquin County to offer support at the hospital. Health Services at the Cowell Wellness Center is available to provide follow-up non-evidentiary medical tests, medications and counseling.

Evidence Preservation  

Students should attempt to preserve evidence at the scene in the following ways: leave the scene undisturbed to allow professionals to collect the evidence; if not able to leave the scene undisturbed the student may collect bedding and/or other loose fabrics in the immediate area of the assault which should be stored in a paper bag for evidence; if a prophylactic device of any type was used and remains at the scene of the incident, the student should attempt to retrieve it and/or any other debris and preserve it in a paper bag (not plastic); do not bathe, urinate, douche, brush her/his teeth, drink liquids, or change clothing before seeking medical attention at a hospital; if the student has already changed clothes, she/he should bring all the original clothing to the hospital in a paper bag; all evidentiary materials should be placed in separate paper bags to prevent cross contamination of evidence (Plastic bags damage evidence); and write down as much you can remember about the assault including a description of the assailant. 

Emergency Contact Information

For emergency assistance, a victim may contact:

  • Victim Advocate - 209.403.0250
  • Counseling and Psychological Services - 209.946.2315 x2
  • Residence Director On-Call - 209.401.9854
  • Department of Public Safety - 209.946.3911
  • Women's Center - Youth and Family Services - 209.465.4997  

Other contacts:

  • San Joaquin General Hospital - 209.468.6000
  • Health Services - 209.946.2315 x1
  • Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards - 209.946.2081
  • Title IX Coordinator: Lynn King- 209.946.2365