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pacwell spiritualSpiritual wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose in human existence, often through prayer, meditation, and reflection, or through various activities and practices associated with a religious tradition. It includes understanding "who am I?" and "what is meaningful in my life?" It also involves an ongoing process of reconciling one's beliefs or religious identity with what one experiences in the world, acknowledging that one can be spiritually well in the midst of struggle and searching, and through the many cycles of life. Spiritual wellness recognizes the complexity of life with all its joys, wonders, pleasures, and discoveries, even while it also sees and experiences its hurts, doubts, fears, and disappointments. The spiritually well person seeks to use one's deeper understanding about purpose and meaning to live a life in which actions are consistent with one's beliefs, and to make the most of every day experiences with people and nature.  

At Pacific:

Counseling Services 
Counseling Services at the University of the Pacific provides assistance to students who are encountering depression, anxiety, adjustment problems and/or who are experiencing emotional distress. Our therapists are trained to aid students in building self-confidence, making healthy choices, choosing assertive communication, relating to others, developing/solidifying identity, and working with more serious mental health concerns.

Interfaith & Social Justice Residential Learning Community
The Interfaith & Social Justice Residential Learning Community, located on the first floor of Grace Covell Hall, brings students from different faiths (including students with no faith background) together to address peace and justice issues. These students will work to support one another in exploring and living out their core values and commitments. Students entering this community will be in the same Pacific Seminar 1 course, will work together to plan service projects and interfaith activities, and will serve as caretakers of the Interfaith Meditation Garden. Residents will join members of the Interfaith Council & the Social Justice Community to raise awareness on campus of the issues that matter most to you and to bring forth the variety of faith traditions of Pacific students.

Morris Chapel 
Morris Chapel serves as the religious center for all of Pacific's students. While the chapel has its foundations in the Methodist church, it now serves as a non-denominational church, welcoming students of all faiths.

Yoga Classes @ the Baun Fitness Center
The Baun Fitness Center (BFC) is the flagship facility for Pacific Recreation's innovative programs and services that include RecSports, Sport Clubs, TigerX classes, Tiger Training, and Tiger Escapes.

Meditation and Zen Garden 
The meditation garden is located behind Morris Chapel and is a nice secluded place on campus to have a quiet moment. The Zen Garden is located on the east side of the DeRosa University Center and provides a nice space for quiet reflection.

Reflection Pool
The reflection pool in front of the DeRosa University Center is a beautiful place to have a moment of quiet reflection. This is often a place where prayer services, candlelight vigils, and other gatherings will take place on campus.

Sacred Space
Sacred Space provides a place for students to pray and meditate.  Sacred Space is open to students of all religious and philosophical traditions, and is open daily throughout the school year.  

Religious Studies Classes
Department of Religious and Classical Studies
Religion has historically shaped and continues to influence cultures and institutions worldwide. It is useful to explore spiritual traditions in order to examine ultimate religious and ethical questions. Our coursework provides perspectives that prepare citizen-leaders to engage these matters in a thoughtful, humane, historically broad and intellectually rigorous manner.

Better Together Campaign
The Better Together Campaign is an international campaign that originated with the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC).  Better Together promotes more than just interfaith cooperation.  Through this campaign, students of various faith traditions, and non-faiths have come together to promote justice through ACTION in their local communities.

Off Campus:


The mission of Beliefnet is to help site visitors "find, and walk a spiritual path that will bring comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness." Beliefnet is not affiliated with a specific spiritual organization or movement and aims to help individuals meet their spiritual needs, while acknowledging that those differ for everyone. The site includes a variety of resources such as sacred text searches, message boards, prayer circles, articles and more.

About Religion and Spirituality
This non-affiliated website offers definitions and related articles on a variety of religious and spiritual topics and groups.

Sample Places of Worship:

Stockton Buddhist Temple

Christian - Assemblies of God
Lakeview Assembly

Christian - Baptist
Quail Lakes Baptist Church

Christian - Catholic
St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church

Christian - Church of the Nazarene
First Church of the Nazarene

Christian - Church of Christ Scientist
First Church of Christ Scientist

Christian - Covenant Church
Stockton Covenant Church

Christian - Disciples of Christ
Mayfair Christian Church

Christian - Episcopal
Episcopal Church of St. Anne's

Christian - Greek Orthodox

St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church

Christian - Lutheran
Faith Lutheran Church

Christian - Methodist
Central United Methodist Church

Christian - Mormon
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Christian - Non-denominational
Reality Stockton

Christian - Pentecostal
Christian Life Center

Christian - Presbyterian

First Presbyterian Church

Christian - Unitarian Universalist
First Unitarian Church

Jewish - Reform
Temple Israel


Masjid Us-Sadiq [Student Mosque]

Tsubaki Grand Shrine

Stockton Gurdwara Sahib